Best Time To Go To Sekinchan

Not only known as a nice little town lying in Selangor State, Malaysia, Sekinchan is also renowned for its immense plots of land that are devoted to the rice cultivation. This sounds reasonable since its name - Sekinchan also means “town for plantation” in Chinese language, meaning that the paddy harvesting season covers almost the entire landscape of the town. However, to contemplate the whole town to the fullest, when is the best time to go Sekinchan?

I. Best time to go to Sekinchan, the green carpet of Selangor

Please don’t let one thing upset you during this trip: coming and visiting Sekinchan at the wrong time. January and February are the times when the plantation is taking some time to rest. This is why you can’t view the smooth and green field as shown in some other pictures.

Yep, the answer to the question above is definitely on the pre-harvest season (March, April, or September, October)!

Why? It’s simply because that reaching the town in these months will offer us a chance to view the most breathtaking green field as they haven’t been harvested yet! Greater than expected, people planning a trip to Sekinchan in this season could come across its Rice Factory PLS Marketing. It’s where we’re able to gain some insights into the area’s new technology of how to process paddy to rice - This rice is what we will cook and eat every day not just here but also other Southeast Asian nations.

What a breathtaking view of Sekinchan’s green paddy field!

So prepare a camera in advance when you’re going to stand in front of the vast field that is all green, and even the golden straws...totally a picturesque view! Besides, the tourists can’t help but become highly amazed by the long straight paths here between the fields. It’s a pretty cool experience when you decide to walk beside it and then thought that you’ll be lost elsewhere in the middle of the road.

Once visiting this place, you will see how the broad and beautiful view of the paddy field really succeed in inviting many photographers to come to Sekinchan for shooting.

Just drive beside the field if you want, or walking through the roads that connect a small village where will lead you to the water path, the swiftlet house, the friendliest farmers and their giant farming machines. On such an eye-catching green carpet, the newcomers can enjoy themselves snapping any beautiful picture to save their best moments.

If not, feel free to taste the local snacks and some great desserts at a cafe. Also, the best out of them is nothing other than the one made of the ice-frozen rice with lots of softly sweet toppings (red beans and chendul in the creamy syrup). The dish might remind us of the famous Ice Kacang in Malaysia, yet this one is more special while being made from frozen rice.

II. Sekinchan, A truly mesmerizing scenic beauty to have some peace

A nice day out in Sekinchan’s paddy field

So, after choosing the best time to go to Sekinchan, are you ready for the splash of the yellow field here take your breath away yet? The time will come soon, especially when you’re in quest of a short escape from the modern life of your city.

Though it used to be a fishing village back to 1920s, it now has become more widely recognized as a tourist attraction in Malaysia in a short time. Their irresistible charm would make it the most amazing backdrop for wedding photography every year, or the nature lovers who aspire for getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Also, it’s cool to take that luscious green paddy field to make your Instagram photos more prominent before it receives more “likes” from the admirers.

Sure enough, plenty of people have heard about Sekinchan, and they also visited this town too but the kids might not. Let’s take your children who are so eager to drop by such pristine places because as a city boy, he does not have a chance to experience how a mango tree or a papaya tree might look like.

On the other hand, your beloved girl will be excited about being surrounded by fresh seafood or sweet fruits from farms, such as papaya, durian, mango, and rambutan.

From this town, everyone can both go to the paddy factory and travel down to the Redang beach (please do not mistake it for the Redang Island in Terengganu). And know what? It’s completely worth a visit! As compared to other getaway beaches, this one is nearly hidden from mass visitors yet is such a fantastic place to have some utterly relaxing moments. The beach itself owns the white sand as it never gets polluted by so many tourists coming here.

III. How many days should you stay in Sekinchan?

You can choose to stay in Sekinchan for 1 - 2 days

It would depend on each individual. However, most people tend to spend one day or their trip to the town since there’s nothing much to cover in Sekinchan. Just picture about that, when it only takes 3 - 4 hours for us to visit all of its attractions - green paddy fields, fishing village, the beach, paddy processing gallery.

For more fun during the sightseeing, go to buy some fish, eat crackers, or even dine with your friends and family in a good seafood restaurant. Thus, one day is just enough! For those who are far away from here, you can choose to stay 2 days and 1 night, especially when going with your family.

After knowing the best time to go to Sekinchan, be sure to book a homestay in advance. However, it’s your choice because there appear countless nice-looking places to stay at Sekinchan. If coming from Kuala Lumpur, covering the town like 4 - 5 hours is the best.

IV. What’s the weather in Sekinchan like?

It’s HOT! Malaysia experiences the tropical weather year-around, but the weather changes quite fast here. You can expect the sun or big rain to come at any time. For this reason, ensure yourself to be well-prepared with some sun protection accessories, such as sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, long-sleeved shirts, and water too. Last but not least, remember that the best time to go to Sekinchan is March - April, or September - October!

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