Best Things To Do In Thailand For Travellers (Part 1)

Another summer is coming and Thailand is preparing for the new tourism seasons with several amazing activities for visitors. If anyone who is having a trip to Thailand and still doubting what to do, these are some helpful hints.

1. Visit the pagodas/temples

Thailand could be considered as one of the most significant Buddhistic nations in Asia with more than 90% of the population follow the Buddhism. Tourists, especially those who are strongly inspired by the religions, will be “overwhelmed” by the various Buddhist constructions in the nation. The Buddhist architecture of Thailand is typical in South East Asia and quite similar to many countries in the area, especially Laos and Cambodia. Being characterized by tall golden stupas and magnificent statues, the temples attract visitors and help them find the peace in their soul with mysterious and spiritual atmosphere. Right in Bangkok, the most popular pagodas are Wat Arun, Wat Pho or Wat Mahathat.

Best things to do in Thailand for travellers-1Wat Arun

Best things to do in Thailand for travellers-2Wat Pho

Best things to do in Thailand for travellers-3Buddha statue in the tree, a famous statue of Wat Mahathat

2. Enjoy the beaches

Thailand is also very famous for owning fabulous beaches. For visitors coming in the summer, choosing a beach to stay nearby could be considered as a very clever choice. The beautiful landscapes with romantic and gorgeous space will glamor anyone who visits. The However, tourists need to carefully consider the type of beach that they want to spend their time. Phuket is the most notable destination in Thailand which contains several amazing beaches.

Best things to do in Thailand for travellers-4Phuket has magnificent beaches

3. Experience the floating market

Floating market is a very famous “way of shopping” in South East Asia countries, such as Thailand and Vietnam. Visitors will be able to experience the feeling like they are in an ancient world, sitting on boats going up and down, and travel along the river. Sorts of foods and fruits are sold on the rivers. This will bring about an unforgettable moment for any travellers. There are many floating markets in Thailand. The largest one is Damnoen Saduak Floating Market which is about 100 km away from Bangkok.

Best things to do in Thailand for travellers-5Damnoen Saduak is the largest floating market in Thailand

4. Take a trip to national parks

Thailand has a diverse biography and there are many wonderful national parks in this country. Coming to these places, tourists will have a chance to witness directly the wildlife species and rare plants. Moreover, the tropical forests and the mountains covered by frost and cloud could melt the heart of any one who witnesses. There are several choices for visitors, such as Kui Buri, Kaeng Krachan, Sam Roi Yot, Khao Yai or Erawan.

Best things to do in Thailand for travellers-6Kui Buri National Park is near Myanmar/Thailand border

Best things to do in Thailand for travellers-7Kaeng Krachan, the largest national park in Thailand with gorgeous mountains

Best things to do in Thailand for travellers-8Erawan National Park is a wonderful place for camping

5. Travelling by scooter

Exploring the whole city by yourself on a scooter is a very interesting experience, especially for visitors from Europe or America. This activity is preferred by almost tourists. It will make travellers feel like they are Thailand local residents. A daily life of a Thais person could be reflected by this. However, the best way to deal with all the unexpected problems is travelling with a local person or anyone who know exactly about the place.

Best things to do in Thailand for travellers-9A normal activity in Thailand

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