Asia Marvels’s Choice: 6 Best Souvenirs From Singapore

1. Cigarettes

It is more favorable to buy cigarettes in Singapore. For example, “555” is sold at a price of about 21 SGD in Hong Kong, while it is about 20 SGD in Singapore, a 20%; “China” is about 53 SGD in Hong Kong, and it is about 44 SGD in Singapore.


2. Skincare products

Singapore’s skincare products are not as cheap as Hong Kong, but it is much cheaper than in the domestic. The quality and service are also guaranteed. There are shops at every mall downtown Singapore. But, according to my experience, it is more favorable in Nuance Watson at Changi airport. If you buy at a mall, you have to go to the airport for refund formality and then can enjoy the duty-free service in Singapore, while in Nuance Watson you can directly enjoy 7% tax with your boarding pass and the skincare products will be sealed in a bag, which can be taken to the plane.


Well-known SK-II is the most popular skincare product to Singapore women and its fairy water also has the title of “one of Asia’s most popular essence”. If you want to buy SK-II in Singapore, it is highly recommended to buy in the duty-free store Nuance Watson at Changi airport. Not only the store has introduced the latest Pitera gift box, but also it is cheaper by 24% than the total price of buying every single product in the domestic. If you don’t take a few boxes back from the DFS at Changi airport, it is really sorry to yourself.

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3. Cosmetics

For girls who like makeup, traveling to Singapore, shopping for cosmetics seems to be a good choice. You can also consider buying cosmetics in the DFS, because DFS usually have a surprise discount for bulk shoppers, after calculating, the price is almost the same as in Hong Kong, of course, which is lower than in the mainland.

Armani makeup

Armani beauty makeup with star bottom makeup, luxury skincare and classic fragrance annotates the grace beyond time and space for you. It is cheaper by about 100RMB in Singapore than at home.


4. Famous brand watch

The world famous watch styles are all here in Singapore, the price is much lower than in the mainland. It is generally considered that you should buy a world famous watch in Hong Kong (the price of watch is lower by nearly one – third in Hong Kong than in Beijing). Does anyone know that the Singapore watch is cheaper by 3% to 5% than Hong Kong? Such as Omega, Longines, Vacheron Constantin, these brands is cheaper in Singapore than in Hong Kong, Swatch about 2%.

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5. Dried pork

Although it can be bought in the mainland, it is also a Singapore specialty, which is 2-3 mm thin, about 10cmx10cm square, and tastes a little like Guangdong sausage. Loving Guangdong dried pork, you might as well try Singapore’s, and perhaps you’ll love it!

Bee Cheng Hiang

Mention about souvenirs, there is a famous local cuisine in Singapore that you have to mention, that is the dried meat. The store of Bee Cheng Hiang is one of popular shops. Recommend you the shop in Chinatown, where the smell of the dried meat can attract you when passing by. The dried meat can be said to be the most popular souvenir in Singapore!

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6. Dress

Compared with domestic brand, it is much cheaper in Singapore, but the main discount seasons are at the end of June and the beginning of December, when many stores will discount. Many local brands are cheaper than domestic.

Charles & Keith

Singapore local brand, called “little CK”, the style is as popular as big brand, but the price is available for common people. It is a must on your list for traveling Singapore.


Singapore local brands, the price is slightly higher than “little CK”, all leather, great comfort, no grinding feet, it also is not a problem for the kid’s tender feet! The shop has a bling feeling with all kinds of sequins and beads. Of course it has some basic styles.


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