What is the Best Southeast Asia Backpacking Route?

To young people, if you just know the way from home to school, then from school to company, , isn't that a waste? When you are still around the familiar path, in outside, how many young people have discovered new adventures? You do not have to spend the whole month. Choose the most appropriate route to explore, for example choose Southeast Asia backpacking route - the area which is diverse in both culture and history with many interesting things to explore. 

A trip through one or two Southeast Asia countries each year means that your youth is passing without regret about what-not-to-do. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a new journey to explore Asian culture with one of the suggested Southeast Asia backpacking route as follows. (It should be noted that we choose Vietnam as the starting or ending point for all the recommended routes).

1. Vietnam - Laos - Cambodia backpacking route: Explore the three Indochinese countries

Vietnam - Laos - Cambodia backpacking route- Explore the three Indochinese countries

Bowling across three countries of Indochina certainly has been in the plans of many young people. It is a great shortcoming to forget about these three Southeast Asia countries. First of all, from Hanoi, you should go to Laos by passenger car. With duration of about 2 days, visitors can enjoy the scenery along the Mekong from Houayxai to Luang Prabang, the city of temples located in northern Laos. Do not miss Luang Prabang, the capital of Laos, then you should visit traditional architecture, temples and pagodas, especially Pak Ou Cave and Kuang Si Waterfall. Then, the backpackers move to Vang Vieng, a beautiful and peaceful town. Vang Vieng is a very popular destination all over the world, and continues its journey to the capital of Vientiane to visit the famous temple. The next point is Savannakhet marked with the French architecture and the ending point is Champasak with the temple population Wat Phou.

To continue exploring Laos, go to Vientiane, walk around the small streets and visit the historical sites. You should drive to the south to come to Si Phan Don with 4,000 beautiful islands like water paintings located in the southern tip of Laos. Then you can take a trip to Cambodia. Phnom Penh is a must-have place in the itinerary. The trip will end in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, where you will see the magnificent architectural and mystical Angkor Wat complex of Cambodia. And of course, in the trip in Cambodia, for those who love the sea and want to bathe in the cool blue water, Sihanoukville is a destination which cannot be ignored.

2. Vietnam - Thailand - Laos backpacking route: the trip of means

Vietnam - Thailand - Laos backpacking route: the trip of means

You can call Vietnam - Thailand – Laos backing route is a "trip of means". Because you are going to try most of the vehicles in this memorable journey, it's also going to take a lot of time to "get to know and plan in a flexible way." From Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam, book airfare to Bangkok to explore the capital of the Golden Temple within two days. On the third night, you should travel by train from Hua Lam Phong station to Nong Khai. You will spend about 10 hours on the train. The next two days in Vientiane, Lao’s capital city is enough for you to visit the temples, stroll along the Mekong River and enjoy the cuisine of this Southeast Asia country. To finish the trip, go to Vientiane bus station to buy a car ticket to come back to the starting point. Overnight, you are present at home with a "photo heritage" as a souvenir.

3. Vietnam - Thailand – Myanmar backpacking route: come back to the ancient time

Indein Village, Inle Lake, Myanmar

Indein Village, Inle Lake, Myanmar

If you have more time, explore Northern Thailand and then Myanmar can be a perfect choice for you. The trip will bring you to the land of ancient, where once bearing the stamp of a time of the old dynasty, which will help you to understand more about yourself.

After arriving in Bangkok to visit the Royal Palace along with the famous temples, continue the journey to Kanchanaburi - a small province which is 130km to the east of Thailand to explore the ruins of the ancient Khmer and climb up to 7-storey Erawan waterfall. After that, you can continue to search for the miraculous signs in Sukkothai Province. And certainly, you should not miss Chiang Mai - a place that is so popular with tourists and Pai - a rare land in Thailand. Depending on your time and your budget, choose the right stops.

Departing to Myanmar from the Mae Sot border gate, the country's unforgettable stop is Yangon with Shwedagon Pagoda which is often visited by international visitors. Bangan is the most famous temple center in Myanmar, where you will not only admire the wonderful religious architecture from ancient times, but also enjoy the carriage ride around the city during the sunset. And if possible, before returning to Vietnam, take the time to visit Mandalay with unique destinations such as Mahamuni Temple with gold-plated Buddha statues and the longest U-shaped in wooden bridge of the world. The more you spend time on it, the more interesting destinations you can discover.

Gorgeous tiled floors and golden architecture in the Mahamuni Buddha Temple

Gorgeous tiled floors and golden architecture in the Mahamuni Buddha Temple

4. Vietnam - Malaysia - Singapore backpacking route: the classic luxurious journey

Perhaps with passionate fans of "moving", the road from Malaysia to Singapore will no longer be a strange street. But instead of having a familiar tour available, you should try yourself on a schedule like no others. Starting from Singapore, you are free to check-in, take pictures in the most expensive city in Asia. Then to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Kuala Lumpur is definitely an "almost inherent" choice for every traveler. Besides, it also gives you some great places to visit. It is the multicultural city of Melaka, Cameron Highlands - still known as Da Lat of Vietnam. Finish your journey in Penang, the beautiful island of Malaysia with unique 3D paintings around George Town and finally catch a direct flight back to Vietnam!

5. Vietnam - Indonesia – Brunei backpacking route: "Go where you want to go" trip

Perhaps not a great introduction to the first stop, Bali is so famous for its enchanting beauty. Do not forget to explore the Pandawa turtle island, sunbathe on the Uluwata beach, or enjoy the Tanah Lot temple on Lake Bratan... Just as the purpose of the trip, wherever you want to go, you can also lost in Bali paradise and receive unexpected things during the trip. Finally, fly to Bandar Seri Begawan capital of Brunei, take time to visit the mosque Omar Ali Saifuddin, the night market Gadong, and integrate into the simple life of Brunei. Certainly before coming back to Vietnam, you will have unique experiences for yourself.

Bali Traditional Dance

* Suggestions for backpacking in Vietnam

In Vietnam, your itinerary will pass through most famous places of the famous S-shaped landmark, starting from Hanoi capital and ending in Ho Chi Minh City. Your journey begins with a departure from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Next, visitors will move from Hanoi to Halong Bay to explore the beautiful natural landscape of the S-shaped strip. Halong Bay is recognized by UNESCO as the World's Natural Heritage with diverse ecosystems. Afterwards, visitors will continue to move the uplands of northern Vietnam and explore the lives of ethnic minority people in Sapa, admiring the terraced rice fields or the buckwheat flower fields.

With the following destination, you will take the train to Hue ancient capital to visit the relics as well as the architectural works of history and culture. Then move to Hoi An ancient town. Like Hue, Hoi An was also recognized by UNESCO as the World Heritage.After exploring Hoi An, you will move to the south to visit Nha Trang, and then move to Mui Ne, Phan Thiet. From the sea, you will move to Da Lat, then fly to Phu Quoc, where is known as "Pearl Island" of Vietnam for sunbathing and diving. Then you will go down the Mekong River through the western provinces and to Ho Chi Minh City, the young and dynamic city of Vietnam and finish the journey with full of fun.

We hope that the above suggested Southeast Asia backpacking route will be helpful for planning your trip to Asia! If you have any question, please contact us for more information! We are willing to help you in any way.

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