Top 5 Places To Stay In Koh Samui

Planning for the first time travelling to Koh Samui could be a huge challenge for many people, especially when too much information coming. If you take a wrong turn, the trip, which you spent large energy to prepare, could turn into a disaster. You will be disappointed if you realize that you are staying among just a few wild animals in an “unknown” area, instead of a beautiful beach. So how to get rid of this unexpected situation? Let’s figure out 5 best places to stay in Koh Samui.

1. Chaweng

Located in the north-east corner of the island, Chaweng beach could be considered as the largest and most dynamic zone in Koh Samui. The zone is popular mostly due to its night life. This is where tourists come to party and it also has the most significant shopping zones on the island. Chaweng also has a chain of restaurants, hotels, tourism and entertaining places.

Chaweng beach

About the landscape, this beach is already an ideal place for many people. The palm trees gathering around resorts next to sandy beaches which have impressed numerous tourists.

Chaweng is the most suitable for those who prefer party, busy and lively atmosphere, and want all the entertaining elements gathered in one single location. Another advantage is that the beach is very close to the airport, which is quite convenient. However, remember that the beach is extremely crowded in high season.

2. Lamai

Similar to Chaweng, Lamai brings to visitors the same feeling since it has an interesting night life. Located in the south of Chaweng, Lamai is the second largest resort area of the island. There are several choices for food and accommodation at Lamai. Moreover, the place is also famous for modern spa service.

Lamai beach

The night life

The main advantage of Lamai is that the prices of food and service seem to be cheaper, compared to Chaweng. The only disadvantage is that it would be difficult to get to the beach if you don’t stay in the appropriate hotels. Therefore Lamai is suitable for those who want to save the budget.

3. Bophut

Bophut is an interesting combination of new and old styles. This is a fishing village in the northern coast of Koh Samui. The most common image of the villages is the house or store, following the Chinese style, looks very old outside but quite modern inside.

Bophut has a peaceful beauty

Bophut is also famous for shops selling retro, chic cloths and souvenirs, which could bring many choices for visitors in term of shopping and eating. In contrast with the life style of Chaweng or Lamai, Bophut seems to focus on traditional values. Therefore, this quiet place is becoming an ideal destination for families.

4. Maenam

Maenam is extremely familiar to self-organizing tourists. This place could offer almost everything that you expected, from shopping with suitable prices to entertaining activities and restaurants. Most importantly, you can find accommodation with reasonable fee next to the beach. A high-quality place for staying is also not a problem as investors have been creating several 5 stars resorts here.

An afternoon at Maenam

A bar at night

Maenam beach could be considered as an ideal place for relaxing, eating and enjoying the peaceful space. The place is suitable for couples, sea lovers. However, the disadvantage is that the sea water here is not as clear as other beaches on the island.

5. Big Buddha

This is a new ideal beach for tourists to stay. The location of Big Buddha is very convenient as it is near the Koh Samui airport and HaadRin Queen Ferry. The accommodation fees are at low and middle level, however the beach is attracting more and more tourists due to the extremely clear sea water and the wild beauty.

Big Buddha is a new beach with very clear water

Big Buddha beach is also suitable for those who are interested in the culture of Thailand. Overall, this place is suitable for those who want to save money but still seek for a beautiful beach with lively night life. However, be aware that there are some places which are not for swimming as they have reefs.

Each are will bring tourists different experience. In order to find the best hotels/resorts to stay, you can explore some good resorts in Koh Samui.

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