5 Best Hotels With Unbelievable Price In Hoi An – An Ancient And Charming Town In Vietnam

Hoi An  is not only an ancient town with unique and cultural architecture but also offers many charming and comfortable spaces for tourist who finding a peacefulness for vacation in Asia. Hoi An is one of the most well-known cities in Vietnam beside other ones for its typical beauty such as Sapa or Dalat.

Hotel Royal Hoi An Mgallery

The whole building was painted with two colors – white and yellow which is the most typical feature of Hotal Royal Hoi An. Its equipments and convenience are mostly reviewed with high rate that makes it become one of the best hotels in this ancient town.



One of the most favorite scenes for tourist to check-in on social website such as instagram or facebook is the outdoor pool area which well designed and look beautiful from upper view. Its combination between the umbrellas and the hard brick motif of the pool draw tourist attention.




Hoi An Chic Hotel

Located beside Hoai River and inside Hoi An town, Hoi An Chic Hotel will offer you a peaceful and completely comfortable vacation with the combination between traditional and modern architectural style. It only has 17 rooms with separate balcony and high-end convenience which can compared to 5 star standards of luxury hotels. Especially, the bathroom has a big window opened to the space outside and full of brightening sunshine which is one the most impressive feature to tourist.


5-best-hotels-with-unbelievable-price-in-hoi-an-6Hoi An Chic Hotel

5-best-hotels-with-unbelievable-price-in-hoi-an-7Hoi An Chic Hotel5-best-hotels-with-unbelievable-price-in-hoi-an-8@azzaluke


Emm Hoi An

Emm Hoi An’s architectural style is a combination between French and Vietnam’s style. It is outstanding among this ancient town with two main colors of green and yellow on the theme of white. It has a wide outdoor garden with green teas planting mostly in the area with beautiful and wide pool and open air.




In terms of room, Êmm has 92 rooms with full equipment and convenience with the eye catching blue theme color. Additionally, all rooms have view of pool area and the green garden or crowded streets in ancient town. One good point of this hotel is its private restaurant and bar to serve guests of the hotel which is very convenient for those who don’t want to waste time to travel from place to place. They can completely use their time inside the hotel lazily. Especially, almost guests who used to stay in this hotel have highly appreciated its convenience.


Vinh Hung Library Hotel

Vinh Hung Library is one of the most well-known hotels in Hoian located in the center. It has an unique designation with the combination of colorful pictures with vintage wooden shelters. It was voted as the most favorite boutique hotel in Hoi An.

5-best-hotels-with-unbelievable-price-in-hoi-an-12Photo by: Vinh Hung Library Hotel



The hotel lobby and its restaurant are decorated by art photos and some potteries with vase of decorating things with the combination of vintage and modern style. In the private room, you will definitely impressed by its interior arrangement inside the room. The floral bricks with wooden interiors make the space become more sophisticated and warmly.


An Bang Garden Homestay

Located 3 km on foot from the An bang beach, An Bang Garden Homestay can be compared to a small house located among a nice and fresh garden. However, tourist has only one choice for view of rooms to the green garden. The space in front of the room are open air thus it is always full of sunshine, wind and the natural scent of grass and trees in the garden.

5-best-hotels-with-unbelievable-price-in-hoi-an-15Photo by: An Bang Garden Homestay

5-best-hotels-with-unbelievable-price-in-hoi-an-16Photo by: An Bang Garden Homestay

Bedroom of this hotel designed with simple style, well-equiped and modern. It is not complicated in decoration. In fact, An Bang Garden Homestay attract tourist’s satisfaction with its interior arrangement with reasonable and sophisticated entertainment corners.

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