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You might hear a few times that Siem Reap won’t be actually Cambodia anymore, especially when you go downtown. It’s now easier to spot out so many foreign restaurants circling around the place and most of them are just filled up with foreigners who order Western food. And even the local cuisine here is made to cater to these friendly and curious visitors, with the main ingredients from Vietnam and Thailand.

But if you’re a big fan of incredibly cheap beer and making friends with a lot of young Cambodians, then head for Pub Street Siem Reap. It’s a lengthy street dotted with countless bars and eateries as well, with an excitingly bright lights and shocking music. Right here, you’re given a wide range of options, from small bamboo cabins to modern American-style restaurants with decent booth and tables.​​​​​

I. How to get to Pub Street Siem Reap? 

Find it at the South end of the Central Siem Reap, and you can arrive there from the Old Market. If you choose to spend overnight at Mad Monkey hostel - one of the best accommodations to stay in term of proximity to Pub Street Siem Reap.

Getting to Pub Street Siem Reap by tuk-tuk

Instead of turning right onto Sivatha Boulevard, let’s ask some tuk-tuk drivers in the place to take you up along that wide street before heading for Route 6. Next, turn towards the airport and once seeing the first set of traffic lights. At this time, you’ve got to turn right and then you’re already there! It will take only 10 minutes to move from Pub Street Siem Reap, even in traffic jams. 

II. Hang out and party in Pub Street Siem Reap

Nearly every spot here offers Cambodian cuisine and most of the eateries are often closed by midnight, which is really convenient for those who want to party all night with their friends. Pub Street Siem Reap is also filled with a set of good food and drink carts, from the popular banana pancakes to other tasty fruit shakes. If you want to buy some souvenir to bring home, then don’t miss Cambodia artistic pieces of work, countless accessories, etc. 

If experiencing local food is what you desire the most from the trip, head for Belmiro’s Pizza and Subs, where can be seen as the biggest and a few of the most delicious pizzas in Pub Street. What’s more? Just don’t look away from a few weekly specials going on here as well. Besides, it’s possible to find a good café where serve a big selection of Western dishes and other specialties in the world - check out Hard Rock Café Angkor.

The beautiful view of golden Hard Rock Café

For some visitors who appeal to a special Beatles-styled setting, ‘The Yellow Sub’ makes an outstanding option, where they get to enjoy the exotic foods and drinks in a nice atmosphere. Another interesting destination is none other than Charlie’s Bar - a cool spot to build great rapport with so many interesting people through chatting and drinking together.

Alright, you just can’t stop thinking about a wide range of cocktails to try out when the night comes; don’t worry since you’re amazed once stepping into Miss Wong. It surprisingly shows up with an incredible 1930s Shanghai environment, which will make your whole visit more fun and enjoyable.

A nice corner of Picasso’s bar

In case this is not your favorite, don’t mind getting to Picasso’s bar - a gathering site of both wine and fresh red Spanish Sangria. The entire building is built up with the hot red bricks along with unexpectedly wonderful prints from Picasso’s works, making the entirety so mesmerizing. Again partying in the morning? Let’s stop by Angkor Wat, where you can dance in Pub Street Siem Reap with several people moving everywhere, and even on their tables.

Then what if we appeal to modern clubbing, where should we go next? Temple Club will be one of the best choices to make in this case. We can enjoy ourselves on a modern dancefloor with the vivid Khmer music and surely can’t forget for a long time after leaving!

A skating ramp on the roof of X bar

So apart from this place, go across the road from Pub Street, and pause at the start of Sok San Road, you will see the vivid environment of X-Bar in front of your eyes. It owns one rooftop bar and another ramp for skating that is designed especially for real fans and youngsters. Also, joining any party at X-Bar would leave everyone an unforgettable moment that they just want to come back several times.

When choosing to come here, don’t miss the Sky Bar that impresses all of the enthusiasts with the most fantastic sound system and awesome DJs from night to night! Sky Bar is usually open 24 hours within a day for your nightcap before you’re getting to sleep!

Well, what’s else we can say about this? Pub Street Siem Reap is a badass area to get a lot of fun and wild nights with your friends and family. However, do everything responsibly and remember at least the basic safety precautions most of the time.

III. Other Highlights of Pub Street Siem Reap

  1. Fish massage - It’s perfect for anyone who tries to look for something unusual yet fun and pleasurable. Find a fish pedicure near the Pub Street and then you can drop feet and wait for them to nip off your dead skin.
  1. Street performers -  Every corner of the street is filled with the lively melodies, especially when they’re mostly coming out of the bars surrounding. And you’re allowed to pause any bar here and enjoy by yourself.
  1. Fried scorpions - By walking towards any fruit seller in the Old Market, you still see a bunch of such crispy insects beside it, such as fried spiders and fried scorpions. They’re one of the weirdest foods from this delightful area.
  1. Fried ice cream - You can see ice cream sold everywhere in Pub Street Siem Reap. This hot and cold treat will be the best when you consume it right from the moment it’s served. Come to pick up your favorite fruit, like mango or strawberry and wait there to watch how it’s blended with milk before poured onto the cooking surface.

IV. Conclusion

You will love being occupied for all night long once visiting Pub Street Siem Reap since there’s no shortage of any exotic eatery or restaurant surrounding this place. Go exploring and find out more by yourself through our Cambodia ultimate guide today. We’re sure that this visit will bring you only the best memories of your lifetime, which can make you want to come back several times again and again.

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