Beijing Airport To Great Wall Taxi – A Short Excursion For Transit Flight


Beijing International is a popular international airport in China and the most famous part of the Great Wall is also built here. Therefore, it makes sense to take a trip to the Great Wall once you are transiting in this city for about 6 hours. It is totally possible to take a visit here since you will get a free visa in Beijing if u stay here less than 72 hours (for transit passengers only).

However, there is no direct shuttle bus to get there from the airport so grabbing a taxi or booking a tour will be the most convenient and cheapest way to take advantage for your time. For this reason, we will provide you sufficient information regarding the taxi from Beijing airport to great wall.

Great Wall is a must-see heritage in China

How much does a Beijing airport to Great Wall taxi cost you?

As a matter of fact, a taxi stands of the Beijing airport can be easily found outside its arrival hall. Normally, it may cost you approximately RMB 600 for one round trip, from Beijing airport to Great Wall.

Keep in mind to pay the taxi driver whenever you arrive safe and sound at the airport. Also, you are recommended to ignore all other people there as most of them are trying to provide the car renting service with the relatively high price. If you want to know how this type of taxi looks like, please take a look at the following video. It will show you the right way to pay as well.

Some notes when taking a Taxi in Beijing Airport

1 Ask for your invoice

When choosing a taxi for your trip, you should be sure to afford the price which may be much higher than the average price of public transportation. Therefore, you have your own right to request the taxi driver to use his/her taximeter. Then, do not forget to demand for your invoice after finishing the trip and leaving.

2 Keep away from unmetered taxis

In fact, an invoice is normally printed with a taxi’s plate number, its company along with the telephone number for any complaint. It is considered a good way which helps you to find any lost thing and safeguard the rights in the case that you leave something behind in that taxi. If you go in one unmetered taxi, you should leave out and choose another one.

Keep away from unmetered taxis

3 Check the license of the taxis

The third rule you should remember is not to choose a taxi without a license. No cruising taxi is one important thing to remember before you start your journey in Beijing. If a driver tells you the sum charge of a trip before beginning your ride, that taxi is likely illegal. Then, keep them away.

If you can see the Beijing train station, there is the taxi rank in front of it. To avoid meeting some unlicensed taxis, you should come across the nearby street to pick up a taxi. There are a lot of legitimate taxis which are waiting for passengers on the COFCO Plaza.

Which section of the Great Wall is the best to visit from the airport?

As I mentioned before, there are many parts of the Great Wall to visit when you intend to start from Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK).

Mutianyu Great Wall

When mentioning a Beijing airport to Great Wall taxi, the closest section is Mutianyu, which takes about one hour and a half of driving or a bit quicker. You can visit Mutianyu Great Wall by yourself without having any difficulties. Catching a cab from the airport costs you around RMB 700 to take you to this section. Or you can book a private car or tour via travel agents or tour operators in advance.

The Mutianyu Great Wall is one of the best-preserved parts so everything is truly impressive. You will see the watch towers are anxiously scattered along the Great Wall and indeed unique in the architectural past of the Great Wall. Moreover, the nearby natural scenery is so stunning compared to other similar parts. Forests cover more than ninety-six percent of the entire scenic area. In spring, flowers blossom all over the mountains.

The Mutianyu Great Wall is one of the best-preserved parts

While in summer, a green field of grass makes the hill look so pleasant. Until autumn, the leaves change into yellow and red, retouch the whole picture like a Photoshop effect. Especially in winter, the snow covers everything, creates a breathtaking scene that you can only see in Game of Thrones.

At Mutianyu, the major part has been renewed so you may feel safe and comfortable  climbing. The cable cap is also set up so kids or seniors can easily visit this section. However, there are still some pretty roughs and hard parts to walk for about 30 minutes so prepare a good pair of shoes will be better.

Some other sections for you to consider

Besides the Mutianyu, there are some other choices for you to try, in case you prefer to avoid the tourist areas.
• Juyongguan Great Wall – 68 km from PEK, slightly further than Mutianyu (66 km)
• Badaling Great Wall – 78 km from PEK
• Jiankou Great Wall – 90 km from PEK
• Huanghuacheng Great Wall – 77 km from PEK
• Jinshanling Great Wall – 144 km from PEK, suitable if you have longer time to stop over
• Gubeikou or Simatai Great Wall – both 139 km from PEK


The Great Wall is the iconic symbol of China, and you will regret if you don’t visit it when having a chance. Don’t hesitate to take a cab to visit that place by yourself and the reward is worth. Provided that most of the drivers from Beijing airport to Great Wall taxi do not speak English well, a little tip is asking someone to help you writing down the place you want to go. By giving it to the driver, you are ready to go.

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