Visit The Barbecue Paradise In Tokyo That Attracts Many Tourists

The diners in the small alleys in Omoide Yokocho are the places where selling all sorts of the renowned meat skewer Yakitori in Japan.


Omoide Yokocho is a culinary area includes many interwoven alleys, in the northwest of the station Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. This place is also known for its colorful name Piss Alley, and this culinary area is the choice of many tourists and locals after a working day.


The small alleys in Omoide Yokocho are full of dishes; especially there are many Yakitori stores – the characteristic grilled meat skewers of Japan – along the roads. Mostly, in front of the stores are placed the counter stools.


There are over 60 restaurants and bars in Omoide Yokocho, mostly serving Yakitori and Sake or beer. Besides, many restaurants also sell ramen, soba or sushi.


Each store or bar has a very small area, and can only accommodate about 6 -10 guests. Therefore, you should not come here with a group of people because space is too narrow to contain all the guests and the store owners also do not like the noisy conversations.


Evening in Omoide Yokocho is very crowded, so if you go late, you may not find a seat and have to wait for quite some time. Not easy to find a menu in English here, therefore the tourist should watch the dishes in the kitchen, and point to the one they want. Even so, this place still attracts foreign tourists with an antique decor, traditional style of Japan and filled with the fragrance of grilled foods.


The favorite thing here is the Yakitori dish (grilled meat skewers) are laid out on the counter; diners can choose the dishes and watch the waiters directly process the dishes over charcoal or also do it yourself. This place is considered as a paradise of Yakitori with the variety of grilled meat skewers: pork, beef, chicken, heart, fish, eel and vegetables.


Omoide Yokocho was established shortly after the end of World War II in late 1940, early 1950. In the 1990s there was a fire occurred and destroyed almost the whole area. After that, the place was rebuilt and became the destination in rush hours of many Japanese people for many decades.


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