Art Box – A Unique Bangkok Night Market

The night market is always crowded because shopping at night is both cool and comfortable. For a long time, besides the festivals, “Night Market” has always been a specialty of Thailand. With the abundance of goods, the diversity of commerce … there are many fashion followers coming to Thailand for one purpose only: Shopping in night markets.

In this summer, if Thailand is on your “places-to-see” list, please spend some nights exploring Bangkok night market. You will easily find many night markets in Bangkok, but if you visit Art Box in Bangkok, you will find this place is very stylish and different.  The Art Box Market is a product of Thai youngsters. It sells vintage clothing and delicious food on trucks, as well as live music. In short, this place will give you the real hipster atmosphere.

What is ART BOX?

The container and forklift truck market has been probably the most popular in recent years. It also means you should visit the Art Box market to avoid being left behind!

Art Box night market

The Art Box market was originally a one-night event, but the success of the event was so unexpected that the organizers decided to turn it into a mobile pop-up market – that is, every time, it is held in a different place. Art Box is Thailand’s most famous container market. The market mainly sells clothing, food and locally-designed products such as accessories and decorations. The thing making this market attractive is the variety of shops at affordable prices and exciting shows. The majority of Art Box visitors are young people.

Art Box Bangkok night market is where Thailand’s youngsters play and shop at the weekend. Art Box Bangkok is also known as the container night market. The night market is designed with simple but artistic containers. For those who love shopping and dining, Art Box will be a paradise for you to discover many creative dishes, clothing, and accessories that may not be found elsewhere.

In addition to shopping, dining here is also an attractive element which makes you come to Art Box. With delicious snacks at a very cheap price, you will want to stay even without any money in your pocket.

If you do not like the crowds and bustle atmosphere of most Bangkok night markets, Art Box Bangkok will be your first choice. The atmosphere here is bustling but still enough for you to spend the night having fun with your friends or lover.

  • Opening hours: From late afternoon to midnight (from Friday to Sunday)
  • Address & Directions to Art Box: Kamphaeng Phet MRT Station – Exit 1 (Near Chatuchak Weekend Market)

WHAT TO BUY? Clothing & quality products and unique

Some special things you can buy in Art Box

Art Box focuses on high-quality cosmetic products instead of the number of stores. Although the booths are not large, you can find the unique T-shirts or beautiful handmade accessories; and the price is still quite cheap and very reasonable. Always smile and bargain to buy the best items.

There are lots of creative products here for you to explore. From souvenirs to clothing (or even pets) – all of them cannot be missed. Visiting from this stall through other stalls, you will gradually feel overwhelmed by the diversity and creativity of Art Box – the most authentic night market in Bangkok.

WHAT TO EAT? The upgrade of street food

The price of food here is slightly higher than other night markets like Pratunam, but the quality and uniqueness of the food will make you satisfied when you enjoy the food here. A plus point is the variety of food at Art Box. From the familiar street food to the dishes with “luxurious” ingredients such as beef steak or salmon sashimi…, all will also be easy to find. Here are some suggestions for what you should try here:

  • Grilled scallops with cheese and signature Thai sauce – only 99 baht (2.7$)
  • Baked cake with milk and cocoa powder – only 60 baht (1.8$)
  • Snow cream candy covered with cotton candy – only 79 baht (2.4$)
  • Thai food with traditional spicy – only 70 baht (2.1$)

Delicious food in Art Box market

WHAT TO PLAY? Entertainment art & Taking photos

With the name “Art Box”, artistic activities are indispensable in the atmosphere of the night market. Many artists, especially the Young Bangkok come to Art Box mainly to showcase their talents instead of making money. Entering the art gallery and painting a portrait for souvenirs will be a memorable experience.

Every corner of Art Box will be the background for you to get great photos to post on Facebook and Instagram. You will also enjoy music from live bands in the night market.

The separate picnic area in Art Box


• You should go in the evening around 5 p.m – 9 p.m (it can be combined exploring Chatuchak market during the day and visiting nearby Art Box in the evening)

• Art Box has a separate picnic area for you to easily relax with friends

• Before leaving, you should check the website or fan page of Art Box to ensure that it is opened at that time.

It is sure that you will have an unforgettable memory when visiting Art Box Bangkok Night Market. Please come and experience by yourself.

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