Bangkok Girls: Why Their Beauty Is Amazing

Have you ever wondered why so many people cannot take their eyes out of Bangkok girls? And almost every list which related to beauty always has Thais women? Asides from many beautiful women from Hollywood movies, catwalk state or music videos, Thais women have been dazzling people all over the world. They might be in the entertainment industry or just normal persons. Thais beauty is one of the reasons which attracted visitors.

But why are so many people attracted by Bangkok girls? What makes them different from many other beautiful girls from several nations? Below could be the reasons.

1.  Magnificent body shape

For some reasons, it is quite clear that Thais girls, especially in Bangkok, have perfect body shapes. Long legs, tall physique seem to be the most common advantage of girls and women in Thailand. They are beautiful with both skirt or short. Their advantage becomes ultimate when they use fashionable cloths, which is a truly impressive point.

Of course, the beauty of a girl is mostly decided by the preference of many people. Some people like thin body, some like frail girls, and some prefer healthy look with sexy curves. However, it is generally assumed that a beautiful girl should be tall, not too thin or fat, and of course everyone is attracted by beautiful eyes. And overall, most of Thais girls own healthy and sexy beauty, which make them look so strong and seductive.

2.  Gorgeous face

If the body can normally attract the eyes of other people, then the face of a beautiful girl can really touch the heart of any one. Many readers admitted to Asian Marvels that each time they finish watching a Thais movie, even an advertisement, the first thing they do is searching for the name of the female characters. It is one of the most obvious evidence that the attraction of Thais girls is so desirable.

Bangkok girls have their own distinctive facial features with bushy eyebrows, high nose and sharp eyes. Some of them own the combination of the Asia and Europe features. This is also the reason why people could make a conclusion that “she is probably from Thailand” when just glimpsing the face of a girl and being fascinated by it.

No matter what kind of beauty a Thais girl owns, whether it is naive, cute or a strong personality, the girl from Thailand (especially Bangkok) really has a unique charm which is very hard to be mixed with any other feature.

3.  The style

Have a look at any picture or video about Bangkok girls on TV or the internet. Do you realize that, from the make-up way to the fashion, they are always the “trend maker” and influence the style of many girls in South East Asia? If Korean girls set up their mutual standard regarding beauty and follow it, Thais girls always seek for the new concept and create their own fashion which fit with the characteristic and preference. That creates the diversity and also makes the people remember their faces much easier.

Bangkok girls are not normally interested in complicate or dynamic fashion. They often wear young and simple clothes. The important point is that they seem to know how to show off their personality via the way they combine the clothes and items together.


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