Bangkok Food Guide: Delicacies Which You Should Try In Bangkok

What to eat has always been one of the most concerns of people all over the world when travelling to another nation. For all the Thailand’s tourists who are wondering this, Asia Marvels this week provide the list of delicacies that which makes the reputation for Bangkok. For those who are already in this dynamic city, the name of the street which we mention below might be known. Otherwise you can follow the instruction of local people, who are extremely friendly. The amazing point is that all of the food in Thailand will give you a totally different experience compares to the restaurant of the same food in your home countries.

1. Pad Thai

Pad Thai, since a very long time, has been one of the most important symbols of Thailand’s food. It is a stir-fried rice noodle dish commonly served as a street food and at casual local eateries in Thailand. It is made with soaked dried rice noodles, which are stir-fried with eggs and chopped firm tofu.

The dish was invented in the World War II, when government encouraged citizens to eat food using Thailand’s material. Since then, it has become a “national food”.


In order to enjoy the Eastern flavor of this food, you can find stores on many streets in Bangkok. However, after several times eating, Asia Marvels figure out that the best one is Thip Samai Pad Thai. This restaurant has been serving for a very long time, since 1966. Customers are used to call it Pad Thai Pratu Phi because it is located near Pratu Phi intersection.

Thip Samai Restaurant (Photo:

The local people also mentioned this place as the best Pad Thai restaurant in Bangkok. An amazing Pad Thai will cost you about 70 baht, including noodles wrapped with fried eggs and shrimps. You can eat Pad Thai with drinks such as coconut water. Another drink which is quite a good combination with Pad Thai is orange juice.

The address of Thip Samai is: Samran Rat, Phra Nakhon Bangkok 10200, Thailand

2. Papaya Salad

Papaya salad could also be considered as one of the most popular food in Thailand. According to the recommendation of gourmets, you should have dinner at Som Tam Nua restaurant. This restaurant is quite good at making Issan food (food in the Northeast Thailand). Issan food is the combination of cuisine art from Laos and Thailand.


Som Tam Nua restaurant (Photo:

The most famous dish in Issan food is Som Tam, also called green papaya salad (59 baht). It has the distinctive spicy flavor. Not only Som Tam, many other dishes of Issan food are spicy as well.

The address of Som Tam Nua restaurant: 392/14 Soi Siam Square 5, Rama 1 Road, Bangkok.

3. Thai Dumplings

Dumplings are sold in several places, but the best address for you to buy is 12 Yong Sheng, which sells handmade steamed dumplings. The dumpling is made with different fillings such as meat or custard-apple.


12 Yong Sheng (Photo:

The price for a dumpling is around 50 baht.

12 Yong Sheng is at Thanon Mahannop.

4. Grilled fish

Grilled fish is quite popular in many nations but in Thailand this dish has a distinctive flavor. Between Central World and Platinum Shopping Mall, there is a line of stalls selling grilled fished. The fished are processed and grilled with salt.


It is not too difficult for you to find the line of stalls because the Central World and Platinum Shopping Mall are both very common.

5. Fish Maw Soup with chicken


If the expensive food in luxury restaurants or hotels makes you feel bored, then just go out and have some street food. Fish maw soup with chicken is one of the most popular foods in this country. Among all the stores, we figure out that the best one is a restaurant named Mit Pochana, which means “where friends gather”. The soup is cooked for hours before being dished out. This is a food that you should definitely try when coming to Bangkok.

The restaurant is on Mahanop Road (Photo:

6. Noodles

It might sound strange that you should try noodles in Thais. Many readers express their opinions that they can eat noodles in almost every Asian country. However, again, Thai noodle will give you a totally different experience with distinctive flavor.

Along the Sukhumvit Soi 38 Street, there is a mobile stall selling noodles. It is very famous and has been around there for almost 40 years. The stall belongs to two brothers, who assert that they are the first one to open the mobile stall of noodles and several types of street food at night.

The “two brother noodle stall” (Photo:

Their noodle is self-made, which is very crunchy and has high quality, guaranteed by limitless tourist and gourmets. However, which element makes the noodle so unique, totally different from noodle in any other countries? It is the soup. The soup of Thai Noodle is made from dried radish and pork fat. You could have the dried noodle or noodle with soup, with the price from 40 to 60 baht.

Just enjoy your noodles with sugar, vinegar, fish sauce and chili powder. All of these things combined together will make your dish taste better.

The address for the mobile stall is not fixed, but of courses you can easily find it on Sukhumvit Soi 38 Street. However, remember that the opening hour of the stall is from 8 p.m to 2 a.m.

7. Pork Stew


Along the Samran Rat Road, you will find a small tavern called Tee Yen-Ta-4, which specializes in selling stuffed tofu, fish and pork stews. Many people consider a food to be delicious if it can leave the taste on your tongue when you are full.

Tee Yen-Ta-4 (Photo:

A dish will cost you about 40 baht. One thing which might bother you is that this food doesn’t look so attractive. However, don’t base on that to underestimate its flavor. The taste of the dish is extremely amazing due to the soup being stewed for hours with ribs. The sauce for pork is mixed with green peppers which make you cannot stop.

The address for the restaurant is Bamrungmuamg rd. (Samran Rat), Wang Burapha Phirom.

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