Attractive Bangkok Bar Girls

If you have ever been to Bangkok, you must be not strange to hot striptease performance, sexy ladies and exciting music from the famous Go Go Bar.

From the famous Patpong street to the bustling Soi Cowboy road, even to the commercial areas like Nana Plaza, you can easily find the most beautiful and sexy Bangkok bar girls.

A few points for visitors when coming to the bars in Bangkok

The tourist will not charge entrance fees in bars. Both men and women can go to the bar. In some cases, you may be required to provide proof that you are 18 years old or older and not a Thai person. Beer and cocktail prices are around 110-200 baht (3.5$ – 6$) per drink. You can drink a can of beer, dance and relax until you feel bored, then enjoy one more can of beer at another bar.

For single men, if he likes any girl, he can invite her to sit down and talk. He has to buy a drink for her. If he wants to take a girl out, he will have to pay 500-600 baht (15$ – 18$) for the bar. This is just money paid to the bar to take the girl out. Other “services” are not included, you must agree on separately.

Attractive Bangkok bar girls

Bangkok bar girls – A highlight in Thailand tourism

Thailand is well known around the world as a destination for the growing sex tourism. From the crowded tourist center to the secluded area, visitors can easily see the beautiful girls serving in the bar or inviting guests outside the streets. In addition, in each locality, they have a different shade.

The Bangkok bar girls are often very open and attractive, but a few are shy and hesitant to invite guests.
The beautiful and charming girls in the bars are one of the attractions in Thailand.

Bangkok bar girls

Mostly, they are very close, especially to tourists. The nicest Thai girls in Bangkok often work in bars or massage parlors. You should not easily have a mistake on their passionate attitude with affection or romance. The girls will not give the tourists plenty of time to talk to them because they are busy with many customers and often quick to say goodbye after earning an amount of money from tourists. With about 1,000-2,000 baht or 30$ – 60$, you will enjoy a drink (cocktails, beer or wine) and have fun with a beautiful girl in less than an hour.

In addition to the bars, visitors can find beautiful girls in massage parlors.

The most spacious place to meet attractive Bangkok bar girls is the bar along Bangla Road or Patong. The nice girls will soon appear, sometimes more rapid than the drink tourists have ordered. They talk excitedly and flexibly. There is an underground rule that the guests should invite the girls some drinks and play some bar games with them.

Many nightclubs will mark the girls in numerical order. After the stage performances of the girls, even on the bar, the manager will meet with each customer to ask if they are interested in the girl. If so, you just say the sequence number. The beautiful girl you like will immediately care about you more. Before that, all price agreements had to be completed with the manager. If you would like to request extra services, you will need to pay about 500 to 1,000 baht (15$ – 30$) more for additional services. In many places, the fee could be up to 3,000 baht (90$).

Girlfriend experience in Bangkok

In Bangkok, the girls created the “GFE” brand, which means “the girlfriend experience”. You can hire a girl to accompany you during the trip, as a true girlfriend. This is their job, so the guests will have to pay the daily fee to the broker and all charges when “dating” such as food, drinks and taxi charges.
During the trip, they will act as an enthusiastic guide and be ready to answer any questions the visitor has about local culture.

A small part of girls does not work for a certain bar. They roam the streets, squares and catch guests along the way. The girls are very beautiful and attractive. They receive more compensation than the nice girls in the bar because they will not have to pay any penalties or brokerage fees. However, these girls with the free service sometimes disappear with the wallet or the valuable things of the visitors.

Most of the Bangkok bar girls come from Isaan in northeastern Thailand, one of the country’s poorest areas. Young girls have to go to the city and work in bars to be self-funded and send money to their families. Although the remuneration in the bar is not much, it is more attractive than the work they can do near their home. At the bars, the girls are actively approaching the guests and inviting dates.

The Bangkok bar girls play an important role in Thailand tourism. Maybe they will bring some interesting experiences for your trip.

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