Top Sidewalk Dishes In Singapore You Will Never Forget

Ranked as one of the countries with the best street foods in the world, Singapore gives tourists so many amazing dishes with affordable price.

Singapore is the world famous country with sidewalk dishes which are sold many in the food centers. The diners shall have hundreds of dishes to enjoy. Photo: Business Insider.

The stall sells the chicken rice and noodles with Hong Kong soy sauce of Mr. Chan Hong Meng in Chinatown is newly awarded the prestigious Michelin star. Photo: Business Insider.

He processes the soy sauce chicken dish – which is originated from northern China – reach the perfection level. Photo: Business Insider.

Chicken rice is considered to be one of the typical dishes of Singapore. First of all, chicken is boiled in the tasty broth, then take the chicken broth to cook the rice, create a delicious flavor and greasy. Photo: Livingnomads.

Laksa is a dish that tourists should not miss when traveling to Singapore. Especially, rice noodles and seafood are sprinkled the tasty, spicy and sweet broth which is prepared from fish with coconut milk. Photo: Misstamchiak.

Hokkien mee includes thick noodles with eggs and rice noodles are cooked in the seafood broth, then added shrimp, squid, bacon and lard. Singaporeans usually add more chili into this dish so it can be more delicious when eaten. Photo: Spoonuniversity.

Nasi lemak is a dish originated from Malaysia; the rice is cooked with coconut milk and sticky leaves, then served with anchovies, peanuts, peppers, meat or curry. Photo: Business Insider.

Rojak is a fruit and vegetable salad, made with pineapple, cucumber, and fried dough, mixed with the fish sauce and sprinkled with the crushed peanuts. This dish has a sweet and spicy flavor. Photo: Business Insider.

Kaya Bread is a popular breakfast dish in Singapore. The bread is baked on the charcoal, used with kaya – a kind of coconut jam (made from coconut, milk, and sugar). Kaya Bread is usually served with coffee and the soft-boiled egg. You need to add soy sauce and pepper into the egg, then eat with bread. Photo: Seriouseats.

Crab in spicy sauce is a symbol dish of Singapore. Crabs are fried with the spicy sauce which is made from a type of chili and tomato. Photo: Eatsandretreats.

Meat skewer in Singapore usually is chicken or lamb, which is served with cucumber, onion, and the sweet peanut sauce. Photo: Thehoneycombers.

Otak-otak is a cake made from mashed fish mixed with coconut milk, chili, and spices, wrapped in banana leaves and grilled over charcoal. This is a traditional dish of the Chinese Peranakan. Photo: Bible9.

Fresh coconut and soy products (soy milk, Douhua, …) are two popular drinks and cheap in this bustling city. Photo: Business Insider.

The sweet red bean cake is an interesting dessert hard to be ignored. Photo: Business Insider.

Besides, the crushed ice is a reasonable choice in the hot weather. Photo: Business Insider.

Kaya cake has a salty flavor, mushy, made from coconut jam, pandan leaves, … with a fresh blue color. Photo: Yelp.

The attractive baked banana dish with the crispy outside crust and limber at inside. Photo: Business Insider.

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