Amphawa Floating Market

Continue to the series Thailand guide, Asia Marvels will review the Amphawa floating market. This is a very interesting place for visitors to explore.

Amphawa is the second largest market in Bangkok. Despite not being as big as Damnoen Saduak market, Amphawa somehow is still more familiar with the tourists than Damnoen. Located 50 kilometers from Bangkok, this small village is known by people since 17th Century. The village became the “magnet” which attracts visitors in the weekend. Since then, several restaurants appeared and stretched from the riverbank to nearby areas.

The most amazing thing to do is to enjoy the grilled seafood right on the boats around the central bridge. There are shrimps, shellfish and squid for the visitors to eat on the river. No one can resist the attraction of cool winds, movement of the boats and the incredible taste of seafood. It is extremely fabulous when many boats gathering and enjoying the moment together.

The price of seafood is not so different from other markets, depend on the quality. Normally, 5 big shrimps will cost you about 300 baht. However, sitting on the concrete edge, which is near the brown water, might not a good choice as it will bring you a bad feeling, especially when you are eating. The best choice is to go a bit far away from the bridge to find a restaurant with appropriate position. The most beautiful and quiet restaurant is located at the intersection of the canal and Mae Khlong River.

Along the banks of the river, there are several beautiful wooden shops which sell Amphawa souvenir, from T-shirt to many other unique items. There are also sweets, snacks and ice cream, which is very much preferred by Thais people. In all the streets radiating from the market, you can find an array of local food sold on trolleys in the weekend. Most of the food look the same, but there are certain dishes which look extremely strange such as ice cream sandwich or crab egg salad (Yum Magda Talay).

After being in the crowd of the market, there is nothing better than feeling the wind on the river. You should take time enjoying that experience. Besides the market, Amphawa has been “hiding” an amazing pagoda named Wat Bang Koong, a place that you don’t want to miss when exploring Bangkok. The boat can take you to some small temples. Each of them will reveal unique features, such as golden Buddha statues, high stupas or even tiny museums. That somehow helps you to “escape” the noisy market.

Wat Bang Koong Pagoda is still the most highlighted point of the area. This pagoda is worth for your trip. Children and teenagers are strongly impressed by the “mini zoo” with a camel, an ostrich, some boars, some goats and peaches. They go around and attract every tourists, including professional photographers. Therefore, it is hard to believe that there have been so many tourists missed this fabulous place when coming to Amphawa.

Overall, among all of the amazing places which have not yet appear in the tourism map, Amphawa could be considered to be a gem, a beautiful gem discovered by Asia Marvels.

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