American Blogger Suggested 7 Must-go Destinations In Vietnam

Pete Vrouras has visited many destinations from Northern to Southern part, and has many unforgettable experiences in this S-shaped country.

Pete Vrouras, a famous blogger lives in California, USA. He usually posts his experience about trips, technology and cuisine on the internet, including many pictures about Vietnam. In this post, Pete suggested 7 must-go tourist destinations and amazing experiences in S-shaped country.

Ha Giang

american-blogger-suggested-7-must-go-destinations-in-vietnam-1Fields blend in limestone mountain is typical of Ha Giang

Riding motorbike around Ha Giang is one of Pete’s favorite experiences in Vietnam. Ha Giang is in the Northern Vietnam. The routes in this place are twisting around limestone mountain, and valleys with terraced fields and then lead to the town. The trip can take about 3-5 days depending on the route you choose.


Dong Ba Market in Hue

american-blogger-suggested-7-must-go-destinations-in-vietnam-2Many booths in the market display many delicious dishes.

To Pete, Hue is the famous place with many delicious dishes. This is the old capital area with palaces and mausoleums of Nguyen dynasty. Besides, things that most appeal to tourists are local dishes such as bun bo Hue (noodles), nem lui (spring roll), banh cuon (wrapped cake) that are not expensive at all.

Dong Ba market lies in the Eastern part of the city, along Huong river. In this market, you can enjoy innumerable Hue specialties with the price of about 40.000 Vietnam dong. Be quick and choose a seat in the crowded market and order favorite dishes from cuisine booths.


Stoned stairs in Mua Cave (Dance Cave) – Ninh Binh

american-blogger-suggested-7-must-go-destinations-in-vietnam-3Top of Dance cave is the ideal place to view Ninh Binh’s scenery.

Ninh Binh is the industrial city that is rarely known by tourists. Most people skip it on the way to Hanoi. The scenery and nature around the city is breath-taking.

Dance cave is the place worth your halt while visiting Ninh Binh. Climbing 500 stairs spreading in zigzag line above Dance Cave, you can see the beautiful scenes. On top of it, there is a small temple that you can view 360 degree scenery of the mountains, rivers, fields in that area.


Ba Be national park

american-blogger-suggested-7-must-go-destinations-in-vietnam-4Ba Be national park lies on Bac Kan city, northern Vietnam

Ba Be lake is surrounded by forests and limestone mountains. You can choose many activities for tourists like boat tour, visiting caves and waterfalls, rowing kayak or jogging to discover the area.

Bo Lu and Bac Ngoi are two small villages lying on the banking of the lake, providing many homestay services to tourists. Houses here are not equipped air-conditioners. Therefore, you just forget it and adapt to the life here and enjoy yourself with the beautiful scenery here.


5th district – HCM city

american-blogger-suggested-7-must-go-destinations-in-vietnam-5Eye-catching, delicious dishes are displayed in 5th district.

Finding tasty street food among innumerable choices in HCMC is really difficult to foreign tourists.5th district is the cuisine paradise for whom loves food.

You can register a tour to be provided with basic information about this area as well as not to worry about the safety and hygiene of food. If you have enough courage, you can design yourself a cuisine tour by a grabbike. 5th district is very hustle at night and local residents often come here to enjoy delicious dishes.


Da Lat night market

american-blogger-suggested-7-must-go-destinations-in-vietnam-6Da Lat night market becomes more crowded at night.

Da lat is one of Pete’s favorite cities when visiting Vietnam. Mild weather makes tourists comfortable. This place is also known for glamorous scenery with mountain climbing activities.

Da Lat night market lies in the center of the city. When the night begins, thousands of people flock to it to enjoy themselves with music and shopping. Especially every weekend, there are many annual festivals are taken place here.


Ban Co top to view Da Nang’s whole scenery

american-blogger-suggested-7-must-go-destinations-in-vietnam-1From Ban Co top, Da Nang city is in the eye-sight

Most of the tourists spend a day to visit Ngu Hanh Son mountain before experiencing their holiday in Hoi An. Another experience in Da Nang that you can visit is to rent a motorbike and run to Ban Co top in Son Tra peninsula. You can visit big Buddha in peninsula and then continue the trip to Ban Co trip to see the whole view of the city and the breath-taking scenery surrounding it.

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