A Comprehensive Guide to Travel from Bangkok to Phuket

Located in the south of Thailand, Phuket is one of the destinations not to be missed, especially if you love the sea and the ocean. Some beautiful destinations such as Phi Phi Island, Maya Beach, Phang Nga or the unique Fantasea show are so popular in Phuket. If you choose one of these islands for your vacation, it's great. To help you get the perfect trip, we have compiled all the travel experiences from Bangkok to Phuket in this article. Let’s check it out!

How to travel from Bangkok to Phuket

Take a bus from Bangkok to Phuket

It is 12 hours from Bangkok to Phuket by bus. The 2-storey buses to Phuket are very clean and the service is attentive. The bus tickets are sold via Thai Express system. The price depends on the quality of the car, ranging from 500 Baht (16$) or more.  However, the disadvantage is that it will take passengers straight to the Phuket bus station. From Phuket bus station to the center of Patong, you have to spend more 400 Baht (13$).

Take a plane from Bangkok to Phuket

You can go by plane from Bangkok to Phuket. By choosing the cheap airline like Air Asia or Nok Air, you just take less than 44$ and 1 hour to fly to Phuket.

From the airport to the center of Phuket

There are 3 ways moving to Phuket airport to the center:

  • Private transfer: 700 Bath (22.5$)/4 seats (suitable for big group)
  • Minivan: 150 Baht (5$)/pax/Patong Beach. If you want to go Kata or Karon, it takes 180 Bath (6$)/pax. It is easy for you to find this service at the airport. If you go alone or your group has only 2 people, you should choose it. The car will drop off at your hotel after about 1.5 hours. The car also stops at its main office to control tickets and sell tours. You should book the car to come back here. Note: The opposite direction of Patong - the airport costs 180 Baht (6$) because the airport car is owned by the state company, while the Patong car is privately owned,
  • Taxi: 550 Bath (17.5$) to Patong Beach, 650 Bath (21$) to Kata, Karong Beach. Going by taxi is faster than by minivan (40-60 minutes to arrive). Ask for the price in advance and ask whether the airport fee (100 baht or 3$) is included or not. 
  • Airport Bus (85 Bath or 2.7$/person). This is a bit complicated. First, it does not coincide with its flight. Second, the car does not carry tourists to the hotel (the car stops at Phuket Town and you have to take the taxi to the hotel). Third, you must know where you are and which station your hotel is nearest. The last bus departs at 6:50 p.m.

* Note: Phuket has many one-way streets, so your destination may be very close if you walk (just 5-10 minute walk), but if you take a taxi, it is very far away. This way is only suitable for those who prefer walking and know well how to use Google Map.

Cost for accommodation

Two areas you should book hotels in Phuket are Patong beach or Kata center. These are two central areas which are noisy and bustle with many bars and nightclubs. If you love the quiet space, choosing hotels in Karon beach area which is not developed and crowded as the other two areas.

The cost for tuk-tuk from Karon beach to Banglah road or Patong Beach is 400 baht (12$).
If you are thinking of Phuket, this is a great destination with dozens of beaches around the island and followed by the luxury resorts. If you go to a strange place, the advice is to choose the big resort. It will reduce the risk of paying hidden-fee services you use, which also happens in cheap motels. Normally, the price for a night at the mid-range Phuket resort will be no more than 300 baht - 500 baht (9$-15$).

Cost for meals

If you are not too fussy about dining or enjoying a good meal, the prices for meals in Phuket are no more than 200 - 300 baht (6$-9$). Depending on the area where you stay or eat, the price may be cheaper if you choose the food center instead of eating at the beach. Like Bangkok, street food is also one of the things you should not ignore in Phuket.

Enjoy street food

Phuket's most noteworthy touring experience to save money is enjoying street food. Whether you are at the beach or in the inner city, do not miss the street food. Although seafood and some other dishes may be slightly more expensive than those in the Bangkok area, the prices are generally relatively cheap compared to the beachfront restaurants, resorts, and bars.

Pay attention to drinking water

Another note is that if you choose to go to the islands, you should carefully consider the terms of drinking water. Because it is not safe to drink from the fountains or free water from restaurants. Bring your own drink. A small bottle of water will help you through the thirst and do not have to spend money to buy water along the journey.

Time to go

Finally, it is best to book your trip between November and March. Because the weather is usually not too hot or rainy, it is more convenient for you to enjoy the sea and sightseeing. The period from June to July is also a relatively good time, as it is fewer visitors but the weather is also hotter. Have a nice trip!!!

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