9 Requisite information you must be prepared before landing to Singapore

Do you want to know what the weather is in Singapore? How should you do if it is difficult to communicate? Want to know what Singapore local cuisine is? Curious about accommodations or a little knowledge for the culture of Singapore… How does it work without a Singapore travel notes? Today, I will list the requisiteinformation of traveling in Singapore, which will provide you a comfortable trip.

9 Requisite information you must be prepared before landing to Singapore_1


1. The Weather

It is hot in Singapore in May. It begins to enter summer and the temperature is almost 30 degrees. In April to May every year, due to the monsoon transition,theweather becomes changeable,sometimes hot and sometimes thunderstormsand it usually rain in the evening. Forclothing, you need take a few more clothes, because it is very difficult to be completely dry for washing clothes in the damp air. In addition, you should prepare enough rain gear, which makes your travel more successful. Suggest that you should bring summer clothing,but remember to take some long sleeves clothes; because it is very cold indoor with air conditioning, if not wear more clothes, you are easy to catch a cold.


2. Language

9 Requisite information you must be prepared before landing to Singapore_2

Language: Malay, English, Mandarin and Tamil.

Translation tools: Youdao dictionary, Travel translator, Baidu translation, etc.


3. Famous Food

9 Requisite information you must be prepared before landing to Singapore_3

Hainan chicken rice, fried KwayTeow, BakKutTeh, Laksa, Peranakan dishes, Curry fish head etc.


4. Accommodation

You have a lot of chooses ranging from ahotel, a dwelling, to a hostel, if you join a package tour,the agency will arrange the accommodation for you, there’s no need to worry. You only need to bring the clothes, shopping bags (shopping), converter plug (more electronic equipment with a plug plate), one-time toilet requisites, large size suitcase and drugs for the prevention and control of mosquitoes.


5. Certificate

Id card, passport, these important documents cannot be lost. Pay attentions every minute,itis very troublesome if the certificate is lost when you are outside.

9 Requisite information you must be prepared before landing to Singapore_4


6. Money

9 Requisite information you must be prepared before landing to Singapore_5

Currency exchange

The unit of currency in Singapore is Singapore dollar (SGD, symbol S$). Suggest converting directly in RMB. As for whetherto make an appointment or not, it depends whether the bank has a Singapore dollar reserves. Generally speaking,the four state-owned Banks and even the subsidiaries all don’t need to make an appointment,unless the amount is especially huge or the bank is a very small branch or savings bank, or it is just at the weekendwhen you may need to make an appointment. Suggest to exchange a few days in advance. If worry about the need to make an appointment, you can also exchange in ATM first, then go to the bank counter to extract. If you have not exchangedat home, you can exchange at Singapore’sChangiairport and”Money Exchange” shop. The rates in “Money Exchange” are generally higher than that at the airport and domestic, but you can make a counter-offer, so compare one to another.


With unionpay promotion in the recent years, there are many large shopping centers also usingunionpay cards. So, use a unionpay card if it is available, whichcan save you the handling charge. If you do not have one, please try to pay in cash. Besides, some shops cooperate with unionpay, please pay attention to the advertisements in the shops, for example ION Orchard has cooperation with the unionpay.

Credit card

Credit card are available in most shops in Singapore, you also can choose to pay by other common credit card such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express. However, you are suggested to take abundant cash in order to get a loss from the rates.

If it is a dual-currency credit card, remember to remind the clerk not touse theforeign channel.The reason is that if you use a card issued by other card bank to pay, the amount of money will be converted into dollars into account according to the relevant currency, then pay back by exchange your currency to dollars after the return.

Tax rebates

Shopping consumption in Singapore can obtain 7% of the goods and services tax (GST). You can find shops attached “refund” logo or consume more than 100 Singapore dollarsin the same shop, and then youcan enjoy a tax refund. For goods abroad Singapore, you can get a tax rebate in specific shops, Changi international airport or other specific airports. Tax rebates or refund will be deducted a handling charge. Please note that refund applies only to travelers who depart byplane.


7. Mobile APP

9 Requisite information you must be prepared before landing to Singapore_6

Taxi Booking: you can book a cab on Comfort and Citycab

SG BUSES: you can check bus route, time of arrival in Singapore

HUNGRYGOWHERE: introductions of restaurants in Singapore,and you can reserve atable

ICHANGI: APP of Changi airport,you can check the flight information, gate, shopping, dining etc.

I – S NOW: a comprehensive APP, you can find the activitiesthat is held in the city.


8. Network

In addition to some restaurants and cafes, there is no free wireless network in public places in Singapore, the majority of the hotel’s wireless network is charged.

If you have a local phone number in Singapore, you can open awireless@sg account (choose any of the following operators), and then you get access to free Internet in many shopping malls and public places. At the Changi airport, travelers can go to the reception desk for a 4-hour free wireless@ sg account.


9. Attentions

Singapore tourist through ticket can be bought at the main stations (including Changi airport and Orchard station). This card is not only has EZ – link card functions, can also enjoy a discount when visit scenic spots. Price for $8 a day, you can take the subway and bus for unlimited times, but it is only worthy of the price using the cardseveral times within one day.

  • You can get a map of the city free of charge at visitor centers of the airport and orchard road. Besides taking a map, you can use Google Map or gothere. Sg, where the information is accurate. If you suffer from no traffic, boldly seize a pedestrian to ask the way, as long as it is well-known, most people know how to go.
  • Singapore is small, many a long distance on the map, actually walk there soon, so looking at the map of Singapore, especially pay attention to the plotting scale.
  • Singapore is summer all year round, the proposal with an umbrella, which can shelter from the sunshine and rain. Air conditioning indoor is sufficient, you shouldbring a coat whether by subway, by bus, or in the mall.
  • There are many kinds of coins in Singapore, the countenance of which is 1$, 50 points, 20 points, 10 points and 5 points,so advice you to take a purse for the coins before coming. If you think it of too much trouble, you can go to the vending machine with the changes for a dollar. The third edition coins have just been released this year, and the second edition coins are stillused at the same time, which make many locals feel very confusion, so travelers need to be careful about money.
  • No smoking in many public places in Singapore, so the price of cigarettes is too high, it is not recommended to buy here. Singapore wine is also very expensive, but if you want to try the famous “Singaporecommander”, which can be purchased in ClarkeQuay or supermarkets with a high price of 18 Singapore dollar.
  • You can easily find food at 7:00 to 22:00 in Singapore, until 3:00am, 4:00am it is easy to find food in part area.Some food courts and restaurantsare open 24 hours a day, so you absolutely won’t starve to death.
  • You cannot eat on the bus and subway, also cannot take a durian, otherwise you will be fined.
  • Malay believes in the Muslim, so they don’t touch the pork.When you see Halal,pork is not supplied there.
  • It is likely to be ruled by the British before; the people here have a habit of an afternoon tea in addition to three meals a day, so four meals a day in general.
  • They do not use “Miss” or “waiter” to a waiter; everyone can say “Excuse Me”, and then called “Miss”, “Auntie” or “kid sister”.
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