7 Things That You Need to Be Aware of in Malaysia

Malaysia is the home to around 23 million people with the land being 320 thousand square kilometers. It has attracted tourists from all over the world for its unique culture and various stunning tourists’ attraction, for example, Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Penang, Redang to name but a few.
However, there are several things that you need to pay extra attentions to when you visit Malaysia:
1. You should not wear shorts and skirts when visit the Mosque. Also, except the royal family members, the average civilians cannot wear yellow clothes.

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2. You should not touch the head of the local Malay: it is considered to be a way to show disrespect.

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3. You should not use the left hand when you shake the hand or say hello with Malay as well as giving gifts to others. During the handshaking, you simply need to touch the hand of another person for a short time and then you put your hand in front of your forehead to show your respect. Usually, the man does not shake the hand with the woman first.

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4. You should not put your hand on your hip when having a conversation with a local Malay, because it indicates that you are angry.

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5. The Malay is used to using the right hand to grab the meal. They only uses the knife and fork on the Western-style dinner.

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6. Although most of the Malay love the spicy food, they do not eat pork or drink any alcohol as the majority of which are Muslims.

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7. The tortoise is unpopular in Malaysia because the local thinks that it would bring misfortune.

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In addition, if you would like to establish business relationships with the Malaysian, it would be better for you to visit here between March and November because most of the Malaysian businessmen are on vacation between December and February of the next year.
It is important to be aware of local customs and taboos when you visit a new country. The related information is going to be provided in details in this part. Hopefully it will be useful to those who would like to visit Malaysia.
Malaysia is a religious country with its national religion being the Islam. That is to say, the majority of the population is the Muslims. There are not many national festivals in Malaysia – only 10, among which there are only few with fixed dates. As for the dates of the rest, they will be announced by the government a year in advance. The first festival is the New Year. The way to celebrate it is the same as that of the rest of the world. In addition, there are the Eid al-Fitr for the Muslim, the Spring Festival for the Chinese and the Deepavali for the Indian. 31 August is the National Holiday of the Malaysia, also known as the Independence Day. Unlike the rest of the world, the Malaysian also celebrates the birthday of the current president.
There are many taboos for a religious country, with Malaysia being not an exception. In the Ancient China, the color yellow is considered to be a color of nobility. However, in the case of Malaysia, the color yellow is unpopular as well as the color black. The animal that people do not like is the horse. So you might need to try to avoid talking about horses in any conversation, as well as pigs and dogs. Especially for pigs, it is forbidden to use any products made of pigs including lacquered wood chopsticks.
As for the clothes, it is forbidden to expose your arms and legs in public and to wear yellow clothes. In the daily life, the left hand is considered to be unholy; therefore, whatever you do (e.g. dining or passing objects to others), do not use your left hand. In any case where you have to use the left hand, please remember to apologize for it first. Also, do not point others using your index finger because it is quite disrespectful to do so. When it comes to the way to address the elder, instead of referring she or he as “you”, please use “Sir”, “Madam” or “Miss” to show the respect. Additionally, the Malaysian does not like to be asked about the age. The head is considered to be a holy part of the body, so try not to touch the head of others regardless of their ages.
Last but not the least, if you would like to visit the local, please make an appointment first.
There are many more customs and taboos about the Malaysia. Why not come to Malaysia and experience them yourself?

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