7 Recommended Foods You Should Try in Xinjiang, China

Located in the northwestern part of China, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (Xingjiang for short) is the largest province in China, accounting for one sixth land of China. It borders eight countries including Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrghyzstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Mongolia, India, and Afghanistan. There are 47 minorities living here. Its history can date back to B.C. 60. This article is going to list 7 foods you must have when you visit Xingjiang.

1. Roast whole lamb
Roast whole lamb is a traditional dish for the local. It is usually served during the festivals. The main ingredient is the lamb with flour, salt, egg, ginger and pepper spread on the surface. It usually takes an hour to roast before it is ready.
7 Recommended Foods You Should Try in Xinjiang, China_1

2. Shish kebab
Shish kebab is one of the most popular snacks in China, although it originates form Xinjiang as a traditional snack. It is made of both lean and fat lamb meats. The meat is sliced and placed on a skewer and roasted on an oven. Added with some cumin powder and salt, it would be ready in several minutes. It is juicy but not greasy. You can find Shish kebab almost every corner in Xinjiang.

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3. Nang
As a traditional dish in Xinjiang, the history of Nang is around a thousand years. The main ingredient is the fermented flour. Instead of having alkali added to it, the local use a little bit salt. There are various sizes of Nang. The diameter of the largest one could be 40 to 50 centimeter and the smallest one could be just as big as a tea cup. Also, the thickness of the Nang varies from 1 centimeter to 6 centimeters. Its other ingredients include sesame, onions, egg, milk and sugar. It is easy to carry and full of nutrition, which is particularly useful for the horde.

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4. Xinjiang noodle
The noodle used in XIngjiang noodle is home-made. Other ingredients include various vegetables and the beef and lamb meat. Although it originates in Xinjiang, it is quite popular all over China.

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5. Pitir manta
Pitir manta is Uygur language, it means steamed stuffed bun with thin skin. The skin is made of salt water and flour. The skin is so thin that it is almost transparent. The stuffing is either beef or lamb meat with green onion. It could be either served as a side dish or a main dish.

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6. Roasted bun
Along with pitir manta, it is one of the favorite food among the locals. You can find it almost at every corner in Xinjiang. The stuffing contains lamb, onions, cumin powder, salt and pepper. The skin is crispy and the stuffing is juicy.

7 Recommended Foods You Should Try in Xinjiang, China_6

7. Tap oil
Shaped as a tower, tap oil is one of the favorite snacks in Xinjiang. It is usually served as the breakfast. It is made of refined lamb oil, salt, and pepper. There are many layers of it. Although it is made of lamb oil, it is not sticky at all.

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