5 Most Famous Foods To Eat In Bangkok!

People would love to call Bangkok the foodie paradise or the food city as it can satisfy the appetites of many visitors coming from around the world. Before visiting Thailand, try to do plenty of researches on the must-eat in the city and then take time to go on some great food hunts to savour the best food to eat in Bangkok! To make it easier, I have collected the 5 most famous food you must try while visiting this beautiful country. Enjoy!!!

1. Wanton Mee 

The eye-catching bowls of Thai Wanton Mee at Soi 19.

This is such a unique fragrance from both lard and soy sauce right in the bowl of noodles, and not like the chili sauce we usually eat with. The wanton mee was often served in a bite-sized bow. In other words, you only need 3 - 4 mouthfuls to actually finish up the bowl at SG $4. This is claimed as a bit costly for a Thai dish. However, it was really delicious with all noodles that are kind of springy.

Walk past the road to visit the Platinum Fashion Mall where is occupied by all fashion shops and street food stalls. Facing the mall from across the road, walk to the right until you come across a side road that has a goldsmith shop at the corner. Next, move to the lane and not far down it, you will arrive at Soi Petchaburi 19 where you will be welcomed by a nice local lady who takes you the way to the restaurant!

A long line of people at Soi Petchaburi to enjoy Wanton Mee

It is located in a little alley from the main street, so ensure that you should not miss the lane. Once reaching there at 11 am, the queue was already there, stretching over 2 shops away. This eatery is a nice place for the best food to eat in Bangkok, like wanton soup, wanton mee and the braised pork knuckles.

2. Tom Yum Goong 

Tom Yum Goong, a famous Thai Shrimp soup

Travelling to Bangkok is actually incomplete without enjoying the famous local dish named Tom Yum Goong. According to people living here, this is the mother of every Thai soup - well, it’s properly because Tom Yum Goong is the spicy and sour prawn based soup, all ready to satisfy your appetite.

You can find the most authentic Tom Yum Goong in Bangkok right on the street along Soi Petchaburi 5 named Pee Aor Tom Yum Goong. Besides, there’s nothing so surprising about this spot, but only the clean tiny restaurant with little tables and food to die for. For Tom Yum Goong, you can have a wide variety of variations, such as the mixed seafood dish for cheaper, at 60 Baht and the larger bowls that are filled with lobster, oyster, prawns and other amazing seafood.

Besides, you are allowed to pick up your most favourite among 4 different kinds of noodles! Thai glass noodles are claimed to be the best. The dish’s texture is quite rich, savory while the seafood is amazingly fresh. Eat it once and then you just want to have more than one bowl!

3. Yen Ta Fo

Yen Ta Fo with a huge crispy chip

While it’s not really as popular as the other boat noodles, it remains the most famous food to eat in Bangkok. Order a bowl of Yen Ta Fo with a large choice of various rice noodles, such as Thai wide noodles and Senyai is most common and best for this dish. Once tasting it, you will immediately fall in love with the delicious toppings on top of the bowl.

They are the nice chunks of fish balls, pork, fried tofu, water morning glory, rectangles of coagulated blood, and also a noticeable crispy chip. These ones all float around the dish so deliciously, not to mention all of the other ingredients such as chilies, vinegar, fermented soybean paste, and fish sauce that are mixed together to create the unique flavor.

The front of Nai Uan Yen Ta Fo eatery

Head to a famous eatery called Nai Uan Yen Ta Fo just by walking distance from the Giant Swing close to Chinatown Bangkok.

4. Kway teow pead yang balampoo

A classic bowl of duck noodle soup in Bangkok

Another interesting and tasty soup you shouldn’t miss called Kway Teow Pead Yang Balampoo, which owns a slight herbal soup taste. It’s a tender broth swimming gently with coriander and Chinese greens half way as well as the wheat-egg noodles that fill the bowl. And don’t forget about the star of the dish - The tasty slices of roasted duck breast balancing on the top of the broth.

Sure enough, this duck noodle soup appears to be the number one food to eat in Bangkok, especially when they can be served as take-away for office workers with a bundle of steamed rice and that succulent duck breast on top. So where to find it? Merely walk across the road from Tang Hua Seng Department store before going to the left. Right then, you’ll be able to spot the famous duck noodle eatery here.

Get ready to savour different parts of the duck if you like, from its kidney to the tripe and even the duck’s blood. What people usually love about Kway Teow Pead Yang Balampoo is its firm and succulent strips of incredibly cooked duck, sparkling with juice and pairing up with the flavourful broth.

5. Charcoal Grilled Meatballs

The sauce is something highly essential for these meatballs

You just can go any far away down any street in Bangkok before going past a street stall or standing behind a charcoal grill laden with some marinated protein. There are a lot of great food to eat in Bangkok just right on the grill, such as meat balls, pork balls, and chicken balls. As usual, most vendors have the tendency to sell one or two particular meats at a time on the grill.

Once passing them, the first-time visitors to Bangkok seem so eager to tear into the grilled meat on the road, but we also have some people who seem a bit worried about being possibly sick. So the best advice here is to use your own sense and survey the surroundings before deciding to eat something. The best place we recommend you to come is none other than the eatery opposite to Nine Zong Duck Noodles - It’s well-known for the beautiful daughters of the boss 😉 

In my conclusion, there are always amazing choices of food to eat in Bangkok, so no wonder why anyone who has visited the city once will definitely go back again. How come? Just to explore more places and more good eats to satisfy your appetite or basically do some taste testing! And finally, let’s stay tuned for more updates to more crazy food recommendations from country to country.

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