The 4 Creepiest Haunted Places In Bangkok

Thailand, a beautiful tourism paradise, contains certain creepy places, which are frighten for many people but ideal for those who like horror facts.

1. The abandoned house on RamkamhaengSoi 32 Street

Located on RamkamhaengSoi 32 Street, the house has been abandoned for more than 20 years. Stories said that the house used to belong to a foreigner with a maid. One day, when the house owner was away, a group of robbers broke in the house and killed the maid. Since then, the owner had usually been hearing the frightening cry along the lobby. The house was then sold for another person. However, the new owner also suffered the same situation, especially, he often saw a woman walking near the main door and the garage.

The abandoned house

2. The abandoned hospital in Nongkham

Have you ever been in a hospital, looked at a random bed and wondered how many people have lied or even died on that? It is such a creepy question but many people have at least once wondered that. In Nongkham, Bangkok, there is a hospital which has been abandoned for nearly 10 years. The place is now used as a filming location. However, many producers and their crews have usually been hearing and seeing weird things, such as the door moving without wind or sounds of wheel chairs. Therefore, they usually have to perform rituals so that scary souls will let them work.

A corner of the hospital

3. The police station in Rat Burana

In Rat Burana district, there is a police station which is famous for its creepy story. The station used to detain several criminals during investigation processes. Polices working here have witnessed about 5 suicides in cells with very simple devices like toothbrush, waist brand or pieces of bowls. Especially, those criminals committed very common crimes, which did not deserve death.

Many people say that there are evil demons here, and they need the death of those prisoners. In fact, many polices had left the place before Thai government decided to build another station in Rat Buranaand (and) abandoned the old one.

The evil police station was finally left alone

4. The house with 4 corpses

This house used to be the home of a happy four-member family. The owner, which was a furniture manufacturer, had been spending the wonderful time with his wife and kids, until a cruel flood came and ruined everything. The business went bankrupt and the house since then was filled with arguments between the wife and the husband.

One night, people living nearby heard the screams and cries from the house, and the sound of several gunshots just ended everything. The husband after that was accused of having killed his wife and kids, before (then) committed a suicide. Few months later, people around had been spreading rumors about the souls of the family members walking in the house. Especially, there was a rumor about “the 5th victim” of the massacre.

The house used to have full of laughs

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