11 items that can save you on your travel

No one can know when an incident can happen on your travel but these amazing items can save you on your emergencies.


1. Clothes with hidden pockets11 items that can save you on your travel_1

This kind of cloth are designed to have the interior pocket which the pickpockets might never know. You can carry cash and card without worrying about being mugged.Plus, you don’t need to carry  purse or wallet anymore.


2. Fully Charged Smartphone

11 items that can save you on your travel_2

You can download a bunch of useful safety apps, use it as a flashlight or use map app on it. If you feel that it’s not safe to walk, you will be able to call a cab. You should also get yourself a mobile charger just in case.


3. Garbage Bags

11 items that can save you on your travel_3

These bags are useful for many reasons. One, for storing wet or dirty clothes. Two, for collecting garbage to throw away. Three, if the weather becomes cold suddenly, use can use them to make a “coat”. Besides, you can use them for wrapping around a bandaged wound, storing water, filling it with leaf to make a pillow or simply for getting some shade.


4. Duct Tape

11 items that can save you on your travel_4

Duct Tape is a multi-usage item, it can be used a bandage, waterproofing shoes, trail marker or covering your shoes when you think you’re being followed. It can also stabilize ankles, create protective body pads and wrap your legs to protect them from snake biting.


5. Keys/Pens

11 items that can save you on your travel_5

You can put it between your knuckles to use as a weapon as you punch your enemy. The best body parts to attack are throat, under the jaw, or even eyes.


6. Alarm whistle

11 items that can save you on your travel_6

This is an important item for cases of emergency, especially when you are alone. It can help you seek help when being assaulted or scare off some wild animals.


7. Doorstop

11 items that can save you on your travel_7

There are numerous cases when someone posing as a boyfriend or husband of a victim and gaining key access from hotel staff to a room. Aside from making it clear to hotel staff that they are not to give keys to your room to anyone but yourself, you can also carry a doorstop with you. Some doorstops can blare when pressure is put on it.


8. Bandana

11 items that can save you on your travel_8

You can use it to keep yourself warm or as a mark, hair tie,… in the case of extreme weather condition. It is soft and airy and will be able to keep you both warm and cool. If needed it can also work as a bandage.


9. Insect Repelling Shirts

11 items that can save you on your travel_9

To cope with Zica, Malaria, Yellow Fever and other insect-borne diseases, a number of companies as Toad&Co and Craghopper have rolled out insect repelling shirts. Or you can use insect spray on your clothes like odorless Permethrin Spray which can last up to six weeks or six times of washing.


10. Insect Repelling Perfume

11 items that can save you on your travel_10

 Some perfume as Aromaflage is chemical free and can repel mosquitoes.


11. Your intuition

11 items that can save you on your travel_11

 It’s one of the most important things to stay safe. Don’t worry about being rude if your instincts are telling you to get out of a situation. It’s better to be impolite than to stick around and face the potential consequences.


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