10 Popular Snack in Tainan

Taiwan’s Tainan is the earliest development of the birthplace of many snacks, but when it comes to cuisine in Tainan ranked second, no one dared to call the first ring jingle. Gourmet can be well-deserved, how good is it in Tainan? According DailyView web thermometer survey “Ten Tainan popular snack,” People always said if you never try Beef soup in Tainan, Never said you have ever been to Tainan.

1. Milkfish dish

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1st place is Milkfish. It is not the first time people said how difficult to cook the Milkfish. Tainan people always can find ways to make it easy and tasty. For example, milkfish soup, milkfish congee, fried milkfish etc. The skin and the bone also can make some tasty food.


2. Beef Soup3

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If people never went to Tainan before, they will not understand how tasty it is on Tainan Beef soup. Every bowl of beef soup use fresh beef and cook with broth. It can keep the beef fresh and tasty.

There are so many Beef soup shop in Tainan, Each shop have a little bit different taste. As you think about it. It’s hard to find dull beef soup in Tainan.


3. Tofu pudding

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Other than Salt Snack, The desserts in Tainan are also tasty. Tongji tofu pudding open for 40 years, From Vendor carts to now. They have been attack to many customers. It is also become one of the Must eat in Tainan. Except the Traditional taste, they also have lemon tofu pudding, and other new taste. It makes tourists want to come to try it.


4. Yi mein

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Tainan is the Yi mein original place, Of course you need to go try it. The Yi mein in Tainan, they use Fried and soup to cook it.


5. Fried Shimp Roll

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Since Tainan is near the ocean, there are so many snacks use seafood to make it, like milkfish andn oyster omelets. In Tainan, Chow’s Fried Shimp Roll is really popular. There would be crowd in weekend.


6. Ice-cream

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In this few year, hipster in Tainan pop up. Now there are more than 20 ice-cream store in Tainan!


7. Salty rice pudding

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Many people from Tainan work in the North side, they always complaining there are no tasty salty rice pudding in the North. This traditional snack is from Tainan. After they cook the rice pudding, they will put soy sauce on top of it. It’s really simple and tasty.


8. Eel Yi Mein

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Since Tainan is near the sea, Eel is especially fresh. When they mix it up with yi mein, it’s a perfect match. All they do is just fried the eel and use soy source top with the yei mein.


9. Mutton Soup

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Mutton is really popular in Tainan, It’s not easy to taste it in other place. If you try one in the morning, it can give you energy for the whole day. Even the mayor eat it in the morning, Visitor should definitly try it!


10. Danzai noodles

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The earlier dandan noodles in Tainan, and it located near the sea. The fisherman doesn’t go to sea on the season, for help out with the family expenses, thereupon does business with noodle shop, it’s also named-29 day lunar month. However local scholars, they are tired of eating meal ordinary days, they all want to eat noodles at noodle shop, change theirs taste, because the weather is very hot, their capacity for eating cut down, the noodles become more few, little by little it becomes ours to see the dandan noodles today.

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