10 Places In Singapore You Should Visit At Least One Time In Life

If you want to feel different type of exoic in one city, Singapore would be the best choice. As a nation of immigrants, Singapore put all different kinds of Asian culture into the city. In this energetic Island, we can experience different cultures, consuetude anywhere that makes you want to find a hotel and visit all one by one.

1. Little India

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When you have first arrived, visitors often thought they were in India. There are also Chinese there, but you could see how Indian Culture is dominant here. Little India is very small, it’s only a few blocks.  Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple is the landmark of Little India. In 1855, the temple seem to have some kind of power. It si said that none of the people and building get injured or damage by the Japanese raid.

Little India is a quiet comfortable, very relaxing place. Also, you can eat traditional Indian food.

Ticket: Free

Tips: It is more crowd on Saturday and Sunday since the worker from India like spending time with friend and shopping here. Monday to Tursday are quieter during working time.


2. Chinatown

10 Must Visit Places In Singapore You Should Visit At Least One Time In Life_3

You can see many Chinese elements here. Chinatown’s most anticipated festivals is during the Lunar New Year. In order to celebrate the year of Dragon, many place would hang dragon mascot.

Chinatown have many different types of food. It’s tasty and not expensive. You will not be disapointed on any restaurants there.

Feature: Good place to eat

Transport: Take MRT purple line to NE4 Chinatown

Ticket: Free


3. Singapore Flyer

10 Must Visit Places In Singapore You Should Visit At Least One Time In Life_4
The world biggest observing wheel. The height is over 160m. For single cart, it can allow 28 people there. I1 Round is gonna takes about 30 minutes. The price for adult is SGD$29.5 and children is SGD$20.65. On the tope of the Singapore Flyer, not only you can see the whole city of Singapore, you can also see 45m fartherplace. Visitor said you can also see the Batam, Balau Bintan in Indonesia and Johor in Malaysia.

Feature: Romantic place, Good for Couple

Traffic: Take MRT to City Hall and walk to Marina Square


4. Financial District

10 Must Visit Places In Singapore You Should Visit At Least One Time In Life_5

Singapore is a highly developed economy dominated by State-own economy. Take a look at high-rise building in financial district is also a pleasant. It located near Singaore River. Here is the heart of Singapore.

TrafficL MRT to Raffles Place

Ticket: Free


5. Merlion Park

10 Must Visit Places In Singapore You Should Visit At Least One Time In Life_6

Known as the lion city of Singapore. If you didn’t see the Merlin, you didnt fully appreciate the charm of Singapore. Merlion original stand near small seaside bridge. It’s a really popular sight-seeing place. September 15, 1972, former Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuon Yew cut the ribbon for the opening. Today, The Merlion has been relocated to the site 120m away at the Fullerton.

The Merlion tall 8m, 40ton weight. If you want to get to know the Merlion. You can spend $3 to the tower of Merlion. You can enjoy the beauty of Singapore. The tower tall 3.7 miles. It can take 180 cutomers everytime.

Traffic: Take MRT to Raffles Place, Change bus to Sentosa

Open Hour: 9:00-22:00


6. Tanjong Pagar Conservation Area

10 Must Visit Places In Singapore You Should Visit At Least One Time In Life_7

Tanjong Pagar reserved area located at Tanjong Pagar Road, right across from Chinatown. You can find a lot of things that belong to China, such as pharmacists, tea house, wooden shoes teacher, calligrapher, etc.  There are about more than 200 shops were re-fashioned decoration, new look.

The red small building are very exquisite and beautiful. If you are an architect, you can borrow some inspiration here. In the 1980s, Tanjong Pagar success be the first monument reserved area of Singapore, stationed in more than 200 shops, and shophouses ancient history side by side.

Along Tanjong Pagar Road all the way south, in addition to traditional shophouses or traditional shophouses. Traditional shophouses also put on new clothes, greet all visitors, colored restaurants, various bars, tea house, the pharmacy, there are rows of stunning wedding dress shop. The reason here is charming, personal feel is a historical and present staggered, wonderful collision of cultures! Behold – modern and retro, silence and boiling in the house these stores have been the most thorough interpretation.

Walking on the spacious streets, bright colors, unique color brick old have made these quite historic buildings, the old glow with a layer of new ideas.

Of course, in addition to many shops in Tanjong Pagar, it serves a variety of cuisine, from Indian cuisine, Cantonese cuisine to Italian dishes, you can absolutely satisfy your taste buds demand.

Feature: Mordern, Food

Traffic: Take the green line to Tanjong Pagar Station

Ticket: Free


7. Geylang

10 Must Visit Places In Singapore You Should Visit At Least One Time In Life_8

People who have been to Geylang would believe that the country’s image dressed moral Singapore had the first question. Geylang in Singapore are like the hidden depths of the secret, it is known for the international legal red-light district. Red Light District shocking enough, and it is also legitimate. Is this about to subvert your life and values?

A total of more than 30 Geylang alley. It is said, from 3 to 20 Lane is legal red-light district. As long as you don’t do drugs trafficking, not fight smuggling, not illegal gambling, not illegally stay. Food is really beautiful on the street standing fully proved the phrase: sex is so hot to see the girl strokes off in the alley, do not be too surprised!

Feature: Food, Lady

Traffic: Take the green line metro to Aljunied

Ticket: Free


8. Singapore Zoo

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We recommend Singapore zoo because there is a different between the one we often go: In Singapore zoo, it is not only looking at the animals, instead of using communication to know how to protect the wild animals.

Singapore zoo is the most beautiful zoo in the world, it is also a place for you to eat breakfast with the wild animals. So you can spend a day with the wild animals starting with eating breakfast with them.

You can see all kind of rare animals like Nepal rhinos, elephants, giraffes, shy and attractive musk deer, and action lazy sloths.

Whether it is the “Asian Elephant House” to watch the world’s largest land mammal, or into the “Green Mau Forest ,” the world’s largest butterfly hall would be mischievous lemurs , fruit bats swoop down there curious mouse deer warm welcome ; also, in the world’s first open habitat near the orangutan listening wanton roar and so on , these are very fun. Daytime swim zoo, and then in the evening you can also enjoy the Night Safari, it right next to the zoo.

Feature: Animals Paradise


1. Take MRT to N6 Tao Payah Station, then take bus 137 to Manda Lake Road

2. Take MRT to N12 Yishun Station, then take bus 171

3. You can purchase tickets around Orchard Road area hotel garden green

Ticket: Adult SGD$18, Children SGD$12. If you take the cable car: Adult SGD$5, Children SGD$3; Boat: Adult SGD$5, Children SGD$3


9. Orchard Road

10 Must Visit Places In Singapore You Should Visit At Least One Time In Life_10

Well-known Orchard Road in Singapore is a wonderful achievement of modern windows and capitalism, like Singapore Ginza, belonging to Singapore’s central shopping district. There are shopping malls and more, all merchandise, great choice.  Visitors go to Singapore will go to the land. You did not have to worry about your physical, you need only consider their own pockets can hold out long.

Ngee Ann City brings together many famous high-end jewelry and watches, absolute luxury world. Material consumption is important, but only up to spiritual food. So be sure not to forget to be able to stroll bookstore Ngee Ann city, there is Southeast Asia’s largest bookstore Book Kinokaniya.

Feature: Shopping Centre

Traffic: Take MRT green line to NS22

Ticket: Free


10. Singapore Resorts World Sentosa

10 Must Visit Places In Singapore You Should Visit At Least One Time In Life_11

Resorts World Sentosa on Sentosa island, is the top one-stop integrated resort in Asia, but it is also a unique family holiday destination. It covers an area of 49 hectares, creating a one-stop entertainment city. This brought together six different styles of top luxury hotels, two world-class theme parks (Universal Studios Singapore and the Marine Life Park), Maritime Museum, Singapore’s first casino, celebrity chef restaurants designer shops, SPA resorts and so on.

Feature: In here, you will feel like you go around many different country, Never you will feel disappointed on anything.


MRT: Take the Northeast line (purple line) metro, Harbour Station. Then take the following public transportation for easy access Resorts World Sentosa:

Sentosa Yun Jie: go to the 3rd floor VivoCity (L Hall) take the monorail into the Resorts World Sentosa and Marina get off at MRT stations.

RWS8:  Take in Yee Fung outside or Merrill Lynch HarbourFront outer paid $ 2 fare, for easy access Resorts World Sentosa.

Bus: Take any of the following group of bus and get off at VivoCity, then take RWS 8 bus.

Public Bus: 65, 80, 93, 188, 855, 10, 30, 97, 100, 131, 143, 145&166


(1) Fee to enter the island; directly at Resorts World Sentosa 1 basement parking lot to get off, just pay the fare. If the checkpoint via Sentosa Island, you need to pay an extra fee into the island. All taxi from the Resorts World Sentosa departure passengers shall pay an additional SGD$3. When driving into the island to show proof of hotel occupancy Resorts World Sentosa may be dispensed into the island fee.

(2) Tickets: Adult tickets to Universal Studios SGD$68, SGD$50 for children

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