Travel Skills You Should Know Before 30

1. How to take advantage of free Wi-fi


Facing a huge bill from your phone company is a terrible way to end your trip. A pro traveler always knows how to take advantage of free Wi-fi wherever he goes. Before traveling, you should also download local maps, apps you might need such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber,…

they will help you save a lot of money.


2. How to use apps to find what you need


Want to find the best local food in town or where is the nearest train station? You can use apps on your phone instead of wandering around and ask everyone. Not just to collect information, apps can also help you book hotel rooms, manage your schedule, check the weather forecast, book airplane tickets,etc. Some popular apps you should check out: Roadtrippers, Hopper, Travel Math, CityMaps2Go, PackPoint…


3. How to protect yourself


This is very important, especially for solo travelers or women. Some popular and effective method: Scan your identity papers and keep a copy on the Internet, keep an international sim card for emergencies, contact your hotel beforehand for security check,etc


4.How to find cheap flights

There are so many airlines out there and almost every one of them offers discount program one or twice a year. Know where and when to look, you can travel anywhere at a super cheap price.


5. How to pack your suitcase

Search for a video guide of packing then practice sometimes and you should be fine.

6. How to make a camp


Staying outdoor in a camp once in a while can make your trip much more interesting. Besides making a camp, you should also know how to make some tasty camp food.


7. How to planning a trip

Instead of wandering around and trying to find some things to do, you can do a little research beforehand and make a food tour of your own or find an amazing place to set a camp.


8. How to use your money

Don’t bite more than you can chew. Some tips you can use: be flexible with your plan, select your souvenirs carefully, make a travel bank account, etc.


9. How to take good photos

Just because you can hold your phone up and snap at the sky doesn’t mean the snap will actually be good — you’ve still gotta know what you’re doing in order to take a good picture. You should also find a good angle for yourself for a stunning selfie.


10. How to fit travel in your life


You can be the best traveler in the world, one who utilizes every hack and tip in the book, but all of that doesn’t really matter if you don’t make it a priority to actually get out there and go. The key to fitting travel into your (probably busy, hectic) life is to cultivate good habits — so it’ll just become something that you do.

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