Romantic Cambodia

Romantic Cambodia

In the neighborhood of Vietnam and Thailand, to the southeast from Asian jungle, the lost kingdom Cambodia is located. For some time the country was known as Kampuchea. Hundreds of palaces and temples, mountain chains, pristine lakes, Phnom Penh - the original capital, and beaches will please any travelers, especially those who seek for romance.

If you go through kilometers of impassability, you will find yourself in a real far-away kingdom - the province of Rotankiri to the north-east of the kingdom. This is one of the most famous areas of eco-tourism in Southeast Asia. The nature here is simply fascinating. You can admire numerous waterfalls (there are a lot of them in the area), but Chaa-Ong and Kanchan attract particular attention. You can go hiking in the mountains and see a five-meter statue of Buddha or arrange a romantic date on Yeak-Laom Lake, the most picturesque lake in the region.

Kampong Luong - a floating village, which is located 35 km from the city of Pusat, is another curious landmark. It is a floating settlement, built on boat structures. Vietnamese fishermen live in this village and provide themselves with everything they need. A school, shops, a temple, a police station, bars, a karaoke club - everything is on the water. And the inhabitants move around this town through the maze of water channels on their boats.

Here you can quietly and calmly watch the waters of Torensap Lake or meet the sunset on a boat, watching the background of life in the floating village.

If you are looking for spiritual nourishment, go to the city of Siemriep, which is located on the banks of the Siemriep River. This small town is a real pearl of Cambodia. This is the exact place, where the Angkor temples are located, which are considered to be the spiritual and cultural heritage of the Khmer.

The warm water and gentle sand of the Sihanoukville resort will create a wonderful romantic atmosphere, allow you to relax and enjoy the rest on one of the most beautiful beaches of the kingdom. Sihanoukville is the country's most important seaside resort, with a very rich and tragic history. The city was once a French-Cambodian camp, and then it was the main port of the country. Its beaches have always been attracting the most elite tourists. During the civil war in 1970s, the resort began to fade, and in 1990s it began to regain its former glory. Clear sea, white sand, great food and incredibly smiling locals will make you forget about everything and devote more time to each other.

For complete privacy you can go to the Sihanoukville islands. They are almost deserted and have beautiful sceneries. For example, the Ko Rong Island is a true embodiment of the paradise. Quite a large territory of ​​the island is covered with jungles, nevertheless, its beaches stretch for 50 kilometers. Emerald water, picturesque bays, tiny villages and a few dozen of bungalows – this is a dream for a romantic getaway.

The Mondulkiri. The romance of this place lies in its untouched nature. This province is a vivid representative of “non-traditional tourism” in Cambodia. These lands will surprise you with elephants, leopards and buffaloes. Is not it exotic? Besides, fans of colorful weddings should watch a colorful wedding ceremony of the Bunong tribe, and, perhaps, note a couple of ideas!

Another picturesque province of Cambodia is Kratje. The city of Kratje is located on the banks of Mekong River. Here you can see pretty large dolphins, more like a beluga. These dolphins are called “irrawaddy”. Because of the water pollution, today they are in danger of extinction, so do not miss the opportunity to see them - it's an amazing sight!

By the way, it is difficult to call Cambodia a safe country. Deception, thefts and even attacks on are not so uncommon among tourists. And the corrupt police does not add a sense of security. Cambodia greatest dangers also include poisonous snakes and several million of mines, as a result of the thirty-year military conflict. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful and follow the beaten track.

The night Siemreap offers tourists a traditional dinner, national dances, asian girls and noisy gatherings in various restaurants and clubs on the Pub Street.

Walking along this street of entertainment will certainly lead to a colorful night market, where for a song you can get bright handmade souvenirs.

Endless tents of jewelry with precious stones of different colors and shades are especially attractive and breathtaking. Everyone knows that Cambodia is rich in deposits of precious stones, so gullible tourists happily pay $ 50-100 per ring with a sapphire.

Unfortunately, very few people bring home really valuable things. If during the bidding you tell that you that you know that this is not a precious stone, but a glass, you can buy the selected item for $ 1- 5.

If you decided to go to Cambodia in search of romance, you are the winner already! This lost in the jungle kingdom will open a whole palette of feelings, emotions and ideas to you.

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