How to get Tax Rebate in Singapore

Shopping in Singapore, as long as the single consumption is more than $100, you can refund. Singapore’s consumption tax is 7%, but it does not mean that you can get 7%. Excluding service charges, so the drawback rate is basically about 5.5%. You can find a shop with a “refund” logo or consume more than $100 in the same shop, and then you can enjoy tax refund. For goods aboard Singapore, you can refund at certain shops, Changi international airport or other particular airports. Refund service fee will be deducted in payment. Please note that refund applies only to those leaving by plane.

The same as the tax rebate rules in other countries, it usually does not include food and service charges. But as long as you consume more than $100 for buying clothes or electronics in a department store, you can usually refund smoothly. If the shop offers refund service, mainly cooperating with two agents who are the Globe Tax Refund and Premier Tax Free, remember to take out the passport after consumption to show that you are a foreigner, and then the staff will give you a refund relevant document.

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1. Tax drawback

Single consumption more than $100, you can refund.

Consumption tax is 7%, but excluding service charge you cannot get 7%, drawback rate is 5.5%.

A tourist visa, or short-term business visa, and tax rebates are drawn at 90 days before the departure.


2. Refund way

Via eTRS

With the eTRS system, it is very convenient for goods and services tax refund. As long as you use the same credit card to consume, it can be used as a tax rebate voucher, with which, it is so easy to retrieve your credit card details in Singapore when you operate goods and services tax refund at the eTRS buffet reception.

Refund in writing

Part stores with eTRS system not available will provide you with an application form. To get the refund table, please complete and sign. Please save the original invoice and receipt after consumption and eTRS bills. When you leave, please go to the Customs Inspection Counter and show the application form to them and ask then to seal on it.


3. Refund process

Store drawback

In affiliated store of eTRS system, please use one credit card as the consumption vouchers. Please ask for the eTRS bills to the store after consumption, and the original invoice and receipt. If the store does not belong to the eTRS system, please ask for the refund application, and then complete and sign. Please save the original invoice and receipt after consumption.

Airport tax rebates

Arriving at the airport, not rush to the luggage. If you need to refund and ship something, remember to go to the tax rebates service at the Changi airport, which you can see after passing the immigrant place. Please fill in all the tax refund first, including your passport, flight information. There is a wall telling you the refund process at the airport, just do as it says.

eTRS buffet reception

Please use your designated credit card as a statement to retrieve consumption; or you can scan your eTRS bills in order to retrieve the consumption, then according to the instructions of the eTRS buffet reception to apply for the goods and services tax refund. At the Customs Inspection Counter, you may need to show the goods. If need a refund, please go to the Customs Inspection Counter to deal with.

Use tax rebate form

Show the tax rebate form, and go to the Customs Inspection Counter to seal and check the goods.

Get cash back

If you have chosen to return directly to the credit card at the eTRS buffet reception before, you can board directly, without other formality. If you have chosen the cash rebate, please go to the Central Refund Counter of the transit lounge hall (behind the departure hall) to get your cash back. Suggest not change currency, otherwise it won’t be worth accounting for the rate.

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