9 useful tips to avoid losing private information while go travelling

The criminals can use public wifi network in hotels, airports, coffee shops…etc to penetrate and steal your important private information as your bank account information.

In this Era of technology, wifi network has become an essential part of many people life, even when they are on vacation. Nowadays, any person who now about information technology can download an application and track any unencrypted traffic on the public wiFi network.


9 useful tips to avoid losing private information while go travelling_1Stolen information can cause you lots of trouble.


Besides, cyber criminals can collect your private information just by setting up a wifi network, usually named. Any unlucky person to connect to these wifi networks may lose his private information, bank account information, files, emails…etc.

Here are 9 useful tips to help you protect the personal imformation while having vacation:

1.Always bring your devices with you. Maybe when you come back your devices but someones may have installed a key logger in them to capture your keystrokes.

2.When using public wifi network, don’t send sensitive or important emails.

3.When your computer begins seeking a network to connect to, do not let it connect to the first one appear. See if you have any other choices.

4.Don’t leave your file sharing on.

5.If you’re not using your wireless card, then don’t leave it on. It can connect to “trusted” wifi network automatically.

6.Don’t conduct any transaction or similar activities.

7. Don’t let other people look at your screen, facing your back to a wall if you can.

8. Remember all WiFi links are suspicious. Ask personnel of hotel or coffee shop for their wifi name.

9. Use a VPN, or virtual private network. All of your banking information, emails, and other sensitive transactions will be encrypted and protected.

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