7 Reasons Why A Watersports Lover Should Visit Philippines

Full of picturesque waterbodies, surrounded by turquoise-blue seas and boasting of a diverse marine ecosystem, the islands of Philippines are indeed a paradise for hydrophiles. Be it in the form of its majestic waterfalls, meandering rivers, bubbling brooks, charming lakes or the deep oceans, you cannot simply have enough of the water when visiting this charming country! With such a huge variety of waterbodies, it is but natural that Philippines is a one of the most favored destinations among watersport lovers. Not yet convinced? To help you out, TripHobo suggests 7 reasons why a watersports lover should visit Philippines!

1-     The rich marine biodiversity

Philippines offers people with an immensely rich marine life, which leaves them spellbound with its beauty. From countless species of corals, seahorses, sharks, dolphins, frog fish to dugongs, turtles, crustaceans and reef fish, the waters of 7,100 islands in Philippines are home to a huge plethora of aquatic creatures.  Plan your vacation to these exquisite islands and explore this rich marine biodiversity by diving in the blue waters.

2-     Mermaid swimming lessons

Most girls, at some point of time in their life, have dreamt of being transformed into mermaids. Well, guess what? Philippines gives you the opportunity to become one! The Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy offers mermaid swimming classes at various locations where you are given colorful tails and fins as you are taught to swim through the waters.

3-     Umpteen whitewater rafting opportunities

Pic by Kleomarlo

For all the adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers, Philippines beckons you with umpteen number of whitewater rafting opportunities! Battle the rapids and go in for bumpy rides in the splashing water and have an exciting and a fun-filled time!

4-     Chance to indulge in Standup Paddle-boarding

Pic by JB Macatulad

Relatively less fierce and intense than other watersports, this one can be enjoyed by newbies as well. Philippines is famous for boats known as “Batangas,” on which you can keep your balance while standing and paddling on a broad board. This one is practiced in the gentle waters and lets you enjoy the sun, water, wind and scenery.

5-     Swim with sharks and whales

Swim with the largest friendly fish Butanding, spot white water sharks and snorkel with whales as a part of the various underwater expeditions in Philippines. Get into an intensive exploration of the depths of the sea as you discover the underwater treasures of the Philippines.

6-     Exciting Canyoneering Escapades

The exciting adventure sport of canyoneering is practiced at very few locations across the world, with Philippines being one of the most preferred ones. Also known as canyoning, it involves hiking through ravines and gorges while descending waterfalls and cliff-jumping into rivers and pools.

7-     Awesome surfing spots

Ride on the surface of the waves, tackle the wind and chase the rollers at the remarkable surfing spots in Philippines. Thousands of tourists flock every year to these surfing spots for an electrifying time battling the sea.

So, convinced yet? Plan your trip to Philippines to set free the hydrophile in you!


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