6 Most Famous Red-Light Districts Representing Thailand Sex Tourism

In addition to the beautiful beaches, shopping centers, and ancient temples, Thailand is known to many tourists with the bustling red-light districts. Thailand sex industry began to flourish in the 1960s to serve American soldiers in Vietnam and now Thailand sex tourism becomes an important part of Thai tourism. Let’s learn about the most famous red-light districts in Thailand through the following article.

1. “Two-faced” Patpong

Patpong is the oldest red-light district in Bangkok. Although this is only a small street, with a large number of bars and nightclubs, Patpong at night is bustling, exciting, and surprising. Patpong is divided into two zones: one is the famous shopping market and the other one is the red-light district. If you want to have a good night of entertainment in Patpong, it is best to go to the well-known bars to avoid paying too much money.

Here are the experience to avoid "traps" when entering the bar in Patpong. A beer bottle is usually only 120-200Baht (4-6$). However, it will not always be that simple. Some bars will bill you up to 2000Baht (64$) even though you only drink one bottle of beer. They explain that you pay 2000Baht to watch the dancing show. So, to avoid this case, here are some prestigious bars that are recommended by many travel forums: Bada Bing a Go Go, King Castle, King Castle II, III, Safari, The High Bar, Pussy Collection, Gold Fingers, Safari, and Silver Star.

2. “Kind” Soy Cowboy 

Soy Cowboy Red-light District, although operating after Patpong, has taken the top spot of Bangkok's entertainment paradise for the decent and kindness of all services here. Soy Cowboy is safer than Patpong. The streets are also bustier with the music that is constantly ringing from the bars next to each other. The girls here always stand for "inviting guests", wear sexy dresses, and often are preferable than all other red-light districts.

If you want to go to Soy Cowboy, remember that the area will be closed after 3 am. Late at night, the girls who are standing in the street will "take off" the bolder clothes and you will have the opportunity to “admire". When watching the performers in the bar, avoid sitting in the top seats if you do not want to be invited onto the stage. Some dancers will come to sit next to you and want you to invite them to drink. Do not worry because they will ask very kindly, you can refuse or spoil them. Some famous bars in Soy Cowboy: Baccara, Dejavu A go-go bar, Kiss A Go Go, Midnite, Sahara, Shark, Sheba, Spice Girl, Tilac Bar, Lucky Star, Cocktail Club, and Dundee.

3. “Hot” Nana Plaza

Nana Plaza is just 1.5 km from the Soy Cowboy. You can go to these two red-light districts in the same evening. This is a U-bed complex consisting of brothels operating overnight. If you want to go for entertainments in the bars, drink beer, chat with friends, and watch girls cross the street, please go to Soy Cowboy. Nana Plaza is for those who want to experience the true Thailand sex tourism. The ladyboys in this area are pretty many, so you should check carefully before conducting any transaction.

4. "Vibrant" Khaosan 

Khaosan Road is not exactly the red-light district. In fact, it is similar to the West Quarter in other countries. Playing in Khaosan is very nice, extremely fun and bustling. Catering services are also cheaper than other areas. Khaosan sidewalks are also the place which is easy to see the sexy girls, so you can look at them without worrying anything.

5. Patong, Phuket, Thailand

When traveling to Patong, you will find all forms of prostitution and sex shows in Thailand sex tourism. The busiest center is located along Bangla Road, where the famous bars and clubs gather and the girls in sexy clothes stand on the sidewalk.

Patong is small and only a few hundred meters long, but there are hundreds of bars, karaoke bars, massage centers, strip dance with the boards of “show girls, super girls” in all the languages such as Thai, Chinese, Japanese, English with illustrations of open dress girls with all the poses. Patong Street is bustling with many tourists crossing, colorful lights, and the stages of sex shows which have been opened. Inside, there are hundreds of young girls who completely take off the clothes and dance on the dancing floor in the provoking music.

Right at the entrance door, the young girls in bikinis cascade down the street to invite the guests to visit the street. The bars look quite large and bustling. Along the way, there are young men standing side by side with a friendly smile and take guests to the seat. The vibrant music and the colorful lights are lively as a true music stage. On the stage, the girls completely take off their clothes and dance with male dancers, including ladyboys.

On the second floor and the third floor of the bars in the red light district is often the venue for illegal sex shows and frequent controversy because the bill of customers is always calculated incorrectly. If you are unlucky in this case, it is best not to say anything and pay the full bill, then quietly bring the bill to the Tourist Police Headquarters at the end of Patong Road. The police will go to the bar with you and help you get money back.

6. Pattaya

Thousands of visitors come to Thailand each year to experience the vibrant nightlife of the country. In particular, cities like Bangkok or Pattaya are famous for the sex industry. Recently, the first female tourism minister in Thailand announced that it would shut down the facilities and bars of this type of service as well as eliminate the previous prejudices about Thailand sex tourism.

With a mascot symbolized by a smiling blue fish, Thailand authorities launched the "Happy Zone" at the weekend to improve the image of Pattaya - a city known for its sex tourism. It is easy to see sexy girls or beautiful ladyboys show up along the street in the red-light district of Pattaya, Thailand to invite visitors to the bars.

On the sides of the street are nightclubs, go-go bars from the popular to the luxury one which are crowded and overflowing with light. You can go to the bar, look for the most beautiful girls in Thailand, drink the glass of meticulously prepared cocktail from the enthusiastic waiter and be immersed in the dance, vibrant space inside the bar. The bars and charming girls are one of the reasons why Pattaya is called as a "ghost town". If you want to find a vibrant and truly wild space, the Pattaya nightlife is the best option.

In conclusion, having fun in the red-light districts in Thailand is a very interesting experience. Each red light district has different flavors and colors. Depending on your demand and preferences, be wise to choose the right place for yourself.

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